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Posted: 22nd November 2001


Here I am back and feeling much better.

Thank you to all who sent kind wishes and many apologies to those of you who found themselves with articles missing from the last edition of The Post. A big thank you to Pastey for stepping in and sorting out the jumble which confronted him. He has spent the remainder of his spare time sorting out a neat email program which should, if used to send in Post items, deposit a copy of same in his database to guard against future mishaps.

I finally got to visit a Dutch doctor last week, something I had been a little worried about doing I must admit. What if he couldn't speak English? What if I couldn't explain the problem adequately and had to resort to gesticulating? My fears were allayed! He spoke excellent English and fully understood what I was trying to say.

What did surprise me, though, was the difference in procedure. I had been used to a doctor taking blood pressure and temperature or reaching for a 'specimin bottle' at the drop of a hat. Blood pressure wasn't even mentioned, I was just asked whether I had a 'fever' and, although my problems were 'business-end' related, no reference was made of specimins except that he filled out a form for me to go and have some blood samples taken at the local hospital. Still, he prescribed three different medications (which cost a fortune) and, after ploughing through the very lengthy instrucions and taking them for 36 hours, I began to feel better. I must drop in at that hospital soon for that blood test though!

While I am on the subject of illness, many best wishes to Jim Lynn who has been suffering from gallstones... not a very pleasant complaint and certainly a very painful one from what I hear.

Trawling through teletext at the beginning of this week I noticed a small item which conjured up all sorts of quirky pictures. It was the announcement that the 'World Toilet Group' were meeting all this week. Having been rather preoccupied last week with toilets I couldn't help wondering what they actually discuss. The merits of the 'shelf' so beloved of the Dutch possibly?

One last thing before I leave you in peace. In two weeks time The Post will celebrate its second birthday. Two whole years... we are growing up fast! If you have contributed before and would like to write a special item for this party edition or if you have never written for us and would like to try... please contact me.

Anyway, we have a very full bag again for you this week, so I won't delay you any longer.

Any copy, articles, suggestions should be sent to The Editor. Please use this same address if you are interested in volunteering to become a regular contributor. If you are unsure what The Post is looking for, why not check out the Writing For The Post page.



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