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Greetings, fellow hitchhiker! If you leave your shoes outside you are welcome to enter and have a seat at my fireplace.

I used to be commodore of The Love Fleet, 7th armada. I have also been known as a viking (but that was long before that). For a number of years I was the founder, archbishop and pope of The First Church of Agnosticism with the official title "Keeper of The Only True Faith: Agnosticism". But recently I gave that up since too many misunderstood the meaning of agnosticism and I feared heretics would instigate a splitting of the church. On the side I made a living out of a small firm called Love Wholesale ltd.

Late in the autumn of 2020 I finally retired from the pirating, pillaging, pilfering and plundering business - therefore also changed my nom de guerre from Pierce The Pirate to Pierre de la Mer. When you have hoarded more gold than you can possibly spend and the arthritis sets in it's time to retire, I think. Plus some pirates are giving the rest of us a bad name. Now back to the initial text about me from up to 20 years ago (so not completely up to date): You can read about my ship, myself and my crew here: http://h2g2.com/dna/h2g2/alabaster/A579684 - you can even join my crew if you like!

In case you are interested to know I registered thursday 27. january 2000 a few minutes past 11 am

Oh, one thing before I go to the galley: If you should happen to have reason to wonder about my long absences it may have something to do with my strange sleeping patterns. As of wednesday april 9th 2008 I have access to the world wide web from my private quarters, but that does not necessarily mean that I am on line as often as I may want to, so I may not be able to communicate with you in real time anyway. Please bear with me! smiley - pirate

smiley - sheepIsmiley - sheep
both Rupert and the BBC

PS: As for me patch, me hook and me peg leg, no, they are not real in real life, so feel free to make a few jokes about them - I know I will smiley - biggrin


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