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And now, for something completely different. A few weeks ago, the Artists asked for entries to the Ideal Home picture competition. The prize was two tickets to the London Ideal Home exhibit. Unfortunately. . . well, we'll let the Chief Artist tell you all about it.

We thank the Artists for sharing this unique challenge, and hope they'll come up with more! (We think they're a lot of fun.)

Ideal Home Challenge

These are the pictures for the h2g2 home challenge. Unfortunately we only had four participants and we could not find anyone to take the tickets, but the Entries we got were all very good and different. FWR's and Sasha's pictures are very personal and show that every hitchhiker needs love in their life. Pierce gives us exclusive insight into the hideout of a Pirate – infamous terror of the seven se... um, galaxies. And what can I say about Dmitri's glorious bedroom which looms out of this time and space? You just have to see it yourself.

FWR's has the best quality and is really cute. Sasha's reminds me of that painting of that farmer and his wife, if you know what I mean1. Pierce's fits his h2g2 persona and has the best text. So, I think I give it to Pierce for creativity!

EntryArtist's Statement
Love makes the ideal home. Anywhere I can do this is simply ideal. It's not the building that makes a home it's the love inside it and the memories made.

An imaginary bedroom in space, a bit grandiose. This is a photoshopped version of my ideal bedroom. As you see, I have borrowed my interior design from King Ludwig of Bavaria. If Ludwig were alive today, he would definitely be into LARPing. I love the way his bedroom combines spaciousness and socialibility – plenty of room for a friend up there in the bunk bed – with personal privacy. Note the curtained sleeping space. I've changed the artwork a little to accommodate space-age aesthetics, but the attention to detail and sense of 'fun' ornamentation is a distinct improvement over today's IKEA trend. No more Swedish modern – give me Bavarian High Kitsch any day!

Dmitri Gheorgheni
An ideal pirate den. In between roaming the galaxy fulfilling my duties – such as pirating, pillaging and plundering – I like to retreat to my humble abode with Flint The Parrot. There is no better place for me.

I have attached a picture called "Shelfie with Flint". Some of my friends may recognize gifts they have bestowed upon me over the decades.

The model ship was built by an ancient mariner whom I knew personally. He used to be a captain on a ship like this (which you can also see a glimpse of in the picture next to it) back in the beginning of the 20th century. These ships sailed all around the Globe but chiefly with dried fish from Newfoundland to catholic Portugal.

Captain Hansen died sometime in the 1960's in the ripe age of 90-something after building two of these models. One for my Father and another for his younger brother, my Godfather. My older brother inherited our Father's while I inherited my Godfather's since his own son died only 26 years old.

So many memories are tied to our ships.

Yours sincerely

Pierce The Pirate.
Sasha's ideal home
It shows a sort of panorama of a holiday cottage in the New Forest. It shows the kitchen, dining room, lounge and master bedroom. I chose it because it is bright and airy and accessible like my home, but three times bigger, so there is more of everything I like in a house. However the most lovely aspect of the cottage was that it contained my darling and me on our first holiday together.

Thank you


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Tavaron da Quirm, Arts Editor


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Pierce the Pirate

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1We do, Tav.

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