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Posted: 12th December 2016

Home Is Where the Heart Is and Other True Cliches

An endearing scene. One, two, three. . . 'Awww.' This beautiful photo from FWR goes with the comment, 'Home is where the heart is.' See what h2g2 comes up with when the Artists ask for Ideal Home pictures? You can see the rest of the entries in this week's issue, and learn who won the contest. Nobody claimed the tickets because, well, nobody was headed to London. . . we don't care, we got some interesting pictures out of it. Remember, the Artists love to hear from you. Help illustrate some Guide Entries.

Robbie Stamp didn't send a picture about his Ideal Home. He did something even more spectacular: he gave a TEDX Talk called 'Digital afterlives, Douglas Adams and me'. Check it out: it will expand your thinking. Sometimes, our ideal homes are in our minds. You will also hear Douglas Adams in that presentation.

Boy, do we have things for you to look at this week. Willem enlightens us about the dromedary. It's fascinating, and in Willem's hands, beautiful. We also need a caption for Bubbles the Cat. Bubbles took a nap on the piano keys this Thanksgiving. She, and we, were blissed out on turkey.

Speaking of kittehs, this conversation took place over at the Core Team's virtual office venue:

Your Editor: Somebody please post these pictures on Instagram. The cat photo will draw traffic.

Superfrenchie (h2g2's Instagram guru): What? Are you saying we should grab our readers with the kitty?

Editor: Sure. If Donald Trump can do it. . .

Okay, we're awful. We're unbelievably talented, as well. The December Create Challenge goes ancient Roman this week. Bluebottle and Sasha are celebrating the birth of Mithras and the Saturnalia. That will teach us. Enjoy the cards (they're addressed to you, after all) and send in your own before the month is out. We're jubilant around here.

Speaking of mythology (who? what?), I've got a bit about that in the Writing Right column. And Bluebottle's got news about the Clash of the Argonauts. It's Round Two, and you don't want to miss the action.

We've got literature, cinema, the usual snark, and a rant from me on the subject of public ignorance in the Science direction. You might want to dip in there: there's a hot tip on how you can earn $30,000 by helping NASA deal with the loo situation in space. Don't say we aren't intellectual.

Snuggle up to this week's issue. Put another log on the fire and let your imaginations run wild. Have a great week out there, and remember to send Stuff!

Dmitri Gheorgheni

  • Dromedaries  by Willem.
  • Bubbles asleep on the spinet.



  • Merry Mithrasmas!
  • Happy Saturnalia!

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