Clash of the Argonauts: Round Two

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At last we are treated to the much-anticipated second round of the tense, edge-of-your-seat drama that is Clash of the Argonauts - the fight between the creatures that feature in Ray Harryhausen's Greek Mythology films.!

Team Jason:

A picture of 'Jason and the Argonauts' by Wowbagger


Two creatures with women's faces, bat-like wings and clawed hands and feet1.

Hera Figurehead

The Argo's wooden figurehead is of the goddess Hera. It can open its eyes and even give advice without moving its lips.


A large seven-headed dragon with two tails.


An army of seven skeletons, five armed with swords and shields, two with spears.


A 100-feet tall gigantic bronze statue who likes to paddle near harbours.


A giant sea god who has the upper body of a human and the tail of a fish.

Team Titan:

A picture of 'Clash of the Titans' by Wowbagger


Half human, he appears twisted and deformed, with a human left leg and goat right leg, a long tail and short horns. He is played by Neil McCarthy in close-ups, although is always an animated model in long shots.


Inspired by three-headed dog Cerberus who guards the gates of Hades, as Harryhausen felt that three heads would have looked ridiculous he instead created the two-headed giant dog Dioskolos.


The Kraken is a giant mountainous four-sucker-armed creature with a fishy tail that eats princesses for breakfast. You don't want to be around him when it is dinner time.


Once a beautiful woman who has been transformed into a reptilian creature with snakes instead of hair, whose body is covered with scales, has a rattle-snake tail and can only move by dragging herself around on her arms. Anyone who looks into her eyes is turned into stone and her blood is poisonous; a keen archer, she uses poison arrows dipped in her own blood. Everyone needs a hobby.


A flying horse.


Three giant man-high scorpions created from the spilt blood of Medusa's severed head. Their sting is fatal.

Round I Recap

The first round saw the defeat of love goddess Aphrodite, Bubo the bronze owl, Charon the skeletal ferryman, the Stygian Witches, a statue of goddess Thetis and the giant Vulture. Having enjoyed a short rest, it is time for the survivors to begin the second round.

Round II

Dioskolos v Hydra

Fight of the Multi-Headed Monsters!

Demonic dog Dioskolos runs up to the Hydra making fierce growling noises but is soon distracted by the Hydra's twin tails, assuming that at least one is a stick about to be thrown. The Hydra uses this to its advantage, easily finishing the dog off.

Winner: Hydra
Team Jason

Pegasus v Harpies

Fight of those with Flight!

Pegasus takes off trying to escape the two creatures that seem determined to feast on his liver, yet they catch up with him. Grabbing hold of his wings, Pegasus suddenly drops like a stone into the ocean below, all three sinking deep beneath the waves. Just when all hope of any survivors has faded Pegasus leaps out of the water back into the air, with no sign of the Harpies surviving.

Winner: Pegasus
Team Titan

Medusa v Hera Figurehead

Fight of the Females!

At first the figurehead stubbornly refuses to open her eyes and remains merely a carved, wooden figure used to decorate the front of a ship. Even when Medusa starts shooting it with arrows, Medusa's poison has little effect. Yet Medusa changes tack and rubs two arrow shafts together to start a blaze, throwing the figurehead onto the fire once it gets going. Soon the figurehead is no more than firewood's ashes.

Winner: Medusa
Team Titan

Calibos v Talos

Fight of the Creatures whose names end in 'Os'!

Calibos sees that his opponent appears to be a giant, unmoving bronze statue standing in the sea near a harbour and feels confident that all he has to do is wait for it to rust. However just as he turns his back on the giant and starts shuffling away, Talos jerks alive, catches up with Calibos in just a few steps and squashes him into the sand.

Winner: Talos
Team Jason

Kraken v Triton

Fight of the Aquatic Giants!

At first glance the two seem to be quite equal. The same size, both have fish tails instead of legs and both are immensely strong. Triton, a hands-on sort of sea god, is used to using his strength against natural obstacles such as the Clashing Rocks of Colchis. He rushes at the Kraken, grapples him in his arm and squeezes him fiercely. Yet he did not realise that the Kraken has four arms, not two, and these extra limbs give the Kraken a decisive advantage.

Winner: Kraken
Team Titan

Scorpions v Skeletons

Fight of the Creatures whose names begin with 's' and end with 'ons'!

The three giant scorpions advance on the army of seven skeletons. One uses its claws to snatch away a skeleton's the sword and shield before jabbing in with its poisonous sting, yet the skeletons are bone alone and, with no flesh, are immune to the poison. Despite being knocked on its back by the jab and trampled on by the arachnid, the skeleton remains unharmed. The skeletons proceed to work together to surround each scorpion in turn, stabbing and thrusting with their swords and spears. Despite their immense size and great strength, the scorpions grow weaker and weaker, finally collapsing of exhaustion when they are finished off by their invincible foe.

Winner: Skeletons
Team Jason

Survivors to Round III

Both teams have three survivors proceeding undefeated to the third round, the Quarter Finals. Both teams are yet to play their wildcard, which will allow them to resurrect one defeated player. Who will win the next thrilling round of Clash of the Argonauts!

Team TitanTeam Jason
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