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The Day The Earth Rang Like a Bell

The day the earth rang like a bell

Wrought utter devastation,

It caused a swell,

An overwhelming avalanche of water

And for thousands, a death knell.

Millions mourn, families torn apart,

Orphans and bereaved parents; partners lost in a flash.

Watching the news with a broken heart,

Moved to send a cheque or cash

Anything to feel that we have helped

The day after the earth rang like a bell.

Candles lit, silence reigns,

Trying to find survivors.

Young or old, colour or creed, man or woman,

No distinction, fate decrees - all takes them all.

The sea gives up the dead

All hope lost, prayers are said

On the first day of the New Year,

A week after the earth rang like a bell.

Blair stays on holiday, he's 'earned his rest'

'They're doing a good job without me and anyway

Those affected aren't members of the EU'

But Mr Blair

May I remind you

They are members of the human race

And so are you.

The man who found his brother, identified by his watch;

The couple who carried their dead babies, their own eyes awash;

The man who lost 23 of his family;

The children's playground hurled for miles;

The orphanage wiped out.

Life will go on, hearts will be healed,

The human spirit survives.

Compassion from strangers never ceases to amaze

It could have been us, they say

They dig deep in their pockets

And put Governments to shame.

Amazing stories from survivors tell,

Heroes who gave their all and fell,

Helping others to live on in their place,

Their spirit and sacrifice will live on

Years after the day the earth rang like a bell.

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