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  • 14.10.04

    Something of a mountainous theme this week as HPB shares his opinion of Michael Palin's Himalaya with us and Sprout has trouble in the Alps.

    Ash are in concert and Quizzical takes a look at the strange synergy generated between the US presidential election and the Harry Potter media juggernaut.

    It's the final installment of Night of the Hoover (or is it?!?), a bumper helping of Awix's silly film reviews, and The Jon M does a good impression of a man on the edge...

  • 21.10.04

    NotScientific gets to grips with David Beckham's balls while the moment of truth approaches for Lucky Star. The CAC Continuum gets a little bit ironic while all the regular fiction series serve up another epsiode.

    Quizzical takes a commercial break and Psycho Chicken sets sail for Kiwiland. There are no fewer than five poems from various contributors, and a cultural disaster on a par with the burning of the library at Alexandria, or maybe not, as Awix calls time for 24 Lies A Second.

  • 28.10.04

    Halloween is upon us bringing poems, features and recipes. On a similar theme Loup.dargent gets Buffytastic, while Quizzical offers advice to vampires.

    Blues Shark rocks out with some metal gurus, and NotScientific takes a long-term view of things. Master B salutes the end of the British Grand Prix and Arsenal's unprecedented winning streak while on a more serious note the Jon M pays tribute to the late John Peel.

  • 04.11.04

    Master B talks tough about Clough, and it's the final installment of Reefgirl's Forever Autumn X-fanfic. There's a frenzy of footnotes in Small Screen Surfing plus variations on the theme of Derbyshire.

    Hussassan reveals some mind-expanding secrets of the Matrix, Blue Bird waxes lyrical about CERN, and Smudger indulges in some nose-talgia.

  • 11.11.04

    No smiley - thepost this week.

  • 18.11.04

    HPB goes off the deep end, NotScientific talks terraforming, and Loup.dargent calls George W Bush some names.

    Lukcy Star discovers that there's no business like show business in the final installment of Murder on the Dance Floor, Reefgirl begins another X-phile story, and Smudger pays tribute to the late Fred Dibnah.

    The always-entertaining Christmas Poetry competition gets underway as well.

  • 25.11.04

    Dr Anthea poses some tough assassin questions, Several a/k/a Random brings us the sports roundup, and Quizzical updates a festive favourite.

    The first Christmas Poetry competition entries make their appearance, Psycho Chicken picnics like there's no tomorrow, and the Jon M succumbs to gig fatigue.

  • 02.12.04

    Five fairly fabulous years of the pragmatically peculiar Post are commemorated with a rich mix of articles, including some from old friends of the paper. Vegiman himself returns from his leguminous valhalla to muse upon the earliest days of this magnificent organ, 45 Words recounts the Post's history slightly more concisely, Khamsin pens a celebratory ode, and ~jwf~ writes in a similar vein.

    All the regular features are far from forgotten, of course - the X-philes continue, as does Psycho Chicken's New Zealand adventure, and there are more Christmas poetry competition entries.

    NotScientific casts a beady eye over the starry starry night sky, HPB surveys life's lottery, and Quizzical writes about writing.

  • 09.12.04

    Business as usual as Asmodai Dark kicks off a new series concerning the Hyborean Age, Smudger is all at sea, and Blue Bird reflects on the disaster of Pearl Harbor (the historical event, not the Ben Affleck movie).

    Hussassan shares another perspective on world events with us, there are more Christmas contest entries, and Quizzical presents her Christmas gift list.

  • 16.12.04

    The last post of 2004 features all manner of seasonal fun - quizzes from Timelord and our beloved editor, an alternative Nativity story from Pinniped, yet more Xmas compo entries, and some more bad puns and unsubstantiated opinions from Awix.

    Pseudemys sends a letter from Tasmania, NotScientific spies something not of this earth, Lucky Star reports from the Dutch meet, and Egon has startling news from the world of punditry.

  • 06.01.05

    The Post blasts into 2005 on a rather mixed note. The winners of the Xmas competition are announced, and St DD launches the latest, and presumably Hobbit-free, incarnation of the Petas.

    HPB wibbles on pointlessly as only he can, Master B brings us a sporting round-up, Reefgirl's X-phile phanphic continues, and (rather kindly) Khamsin indulges himself with a massive plug for Terran's Terranic Army.

    Solutions to several of the Christmas quizzes are kindly provided, NotScientific gets optical, and Galaxy Babe and friends look for reasons to be cheerful at a terrible time for so many people.

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