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The Echos of Time

The beast rolls on like a Juggernaut with a mission,

Hauling behind it, pulling along, are billions of chains,

Each chain a life, when one breaks they're consigned to memory

Long has this beast travelled, from the dawn of time

None know how long this is, or how far its travelled

But all fear its awsome power, and many feel powerless behind it

Many have attempted to get a better grip of their chains,

Those who have been successful, have made better use of the beast

Some people suffer mericlessly because they have not learned

Then there are those who have attemped to climb the beast

Those who have manipulated the other chains, and cut some off

But they too will be eventually shaken off by it and leave its pull

A sad few try to cut their chains, tired of being thrown about

Some try to cut their neighbours chains, and make them suffer

Many though try to work together and aid those next to them

The fewest in number are those who have tried to tame the beast,

They no longer want to be pulled, but want to do something about it

These are a brave few, who want to think for themselves

For none of us know how we became tied to the beast,

And we may never know, but we must have the motivation to find out

For it is those who don't want to know who suffer the most

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