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Posted: 29th September 2005


The Election Special

Doobie doobie doobie... What! Oh I'm on? Oh good... smiley - evilgrin

Well after years of hanging around The Post they've given me the job of
writing the editorial. The power... the responsibility... ah but I must stop there otherwise there won't be any space for me to write anything else.

Well what's going on in the world of Hootoo, eh? Well the h2g2 elections are underway and we certainly have quite a fight on our hands with some of the greatest members that h2g2 has ever seen (the likes of Clive [of Thing fame] and Hypatia – apologies to those I've forgotten but there are so many) in the running. And voting is underway so cast your votes... NOW! Or in a minute... or well I won't push you smiley - winkeye

While I'm here I also thought I'd like to pay tribute to the members of The Post who have kept the post going over the years, through the good and tough times. Vegiman, who was the first head of The Post, through Shazz who was in charge for so long and did so much for The Post. Through to the current staff who have taken on The Post under very stressful circumstances, but have kept it going – and I'm probably the only one who could get away with saying that since I've only just joined the team...

And on that note we have a new fantastic, hoopy frood involved in the
editing of the post – Cal Fortuneswell, who is now in charge of Features
Editing smiley - ok. So put your hands together for Cal!

So thank you all for coming and please encourage our writers in their
valiant quest to meet the deadline by leaving a comment or two... or six
million if you like, but Jimster might start getting worried then... so don't quote me on that.

Until next time... Always remember where you keep your towelsmiley - towel

Terransmiley - earth

P.S. Please can you get items for the next issue to us by Sunday 9th October. The deadline has been extended to Sunday Night rather than Lunchtime. Send all items to the Post Team Email. We'll take anything you think h2g2 should know about.









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