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A sundial - the black bit like an upside-down y is the gnomon.

I'm Gnomon and I'm running for President of h2g2. You've all encountered me. You all know that I have the needs of the h2g2 Community at heart and that no one has done more1 to keep the Guide up to date, accurate and free from mistakes. I've done my bit in welcoming new users, trying to keep people who don't quite fit in yet from being shouted at. I help old ladies across the street of forgotten passwords. I show people the ropes and explain how to tie knots in them. I buy pints of Guinness smiley - stout for lost researchers who turn up in Dublin.

Other candidates think they're breaking new ground, whereas in fact they're just boldly going where Gnomon has gone before. Some of them make a big deal of their affinity for badgers. Not only do I like badgers, I like the whole animal kingdom and have started the Loyal Zoological Society to help encourage people to read about, discuss and write about animals. (It was I who suggested that we needed an entry on Great Tits). I've virtually re-designed the animal categories single-handed (I won't tell you what I was doing with the other hand).

Some Points To Ponder

George W Bush
  • Dumb
  • Incoherent
  • Irrational
  • Pro-American
  • Warmonger
  • No beard
  • Chokes on food
  • Bad President
  • Intelligent
  • Eloquent
  • Sensible
  • Worldly
  • Pacifist
  • Beard
  • Is on diet
  • Good President

What will I do if I get to be President? Not a lot! In keeping with the egalitarian nature of h2g2 society, I don't intend to impose quotas of silliness, dealines for drama or anything else that will make things more work for you, the Researchers. I'll continue my job of straightening out the Edited Guide, answering questions involving momentum and motion on the SEx forum and I'll let you all get on with the silliness at your own pace.

I'm an h2IQ champion - I'm an h2g2 Centurion - I'm 5-years a Researcher. Typos run when they see me coming. I've flown across the sea 8 times2 in order to be at h2g2 meetups!

Gnomon Knows3! And you know he knows. And he knows you know he knows. So you know who to vote for!

1Well, maybe one.2Four times there and four times back.3No smart comments about my nose, please.

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