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Winter is icumen in

Lhude sing 'boo-hoo'.

The winds do shake th' tremblin' trees

an' rattle th' leaky windows-ooh.

'Tis time to check th' furnace an'

to fix th' crumblin' chimney-ooh.

Sing 'boo-hoo'.

Th' geese do fly for warmer climes,

th' Monarchs fly for Mexico-ooh,

the old folks head for Florida-ooh -

wish I was goin' too-ooh.

Sing 'boo-hoo'.

Yet here I stay - I must be daft -

an' it's off to buy snow tires-ooh,

an' thermal undies an' flannel sheets

an' lots o' wood for fires-ooh.

Sing 'boo-hoo'.

Put up storm windows, patch th' roof,

lay in six months o' foodstuffs-ooh.

Bring in th' cats, evict th' mice,

an' don't forget th' flu shot-ooh.

Sing 'boo-hoo'.

'Tis time for drippy noses, smiley - wah

'tis time for chapped lips, too. smiley - wah

'Tis time to gain a stone or two smiley - wah

while trapped inside your flat. smiley - wah

Sing 'boo-hoo'.

Well nuts to that, I've had enough -

th' heck wirh winters' woes-ooh.

I'll spend th' next six months in bed -

this year I'll hibernate-ooh

this year I'll hibernate!

Sing 'Woo-Hoo'!!

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