Political broadcast of Why worry? - Dragons are born rulers!

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Political broadcast of Why worry? - Dragons are born rulers!

In the beginning there was only the emptiness. No warmth, no air, no light, no spots to dwell. Time went by and nothing happened.

Suddenly there was a great tremble and shake. A rift sprung open and a golden creature came out of the rift. The light arrived to the world that should be. The creature rose its head, sent our a great flame and the warmth arrived. Then it shook its body and blow out the breath from the inside and the air arrived. Finally the golden creature once more shook its body and the world was born, with many places to dwell and live at.

The Golden Fire Dragon walked into the world she just had created and lay her eggs. She nursed them well and new dragons were born. All with different skills and abilities of creation. The dragons created the world and all that´s in it and looked with pleasure upon their creation.

As times went by the dragons went in various ways and in various directions. They went into the air, into the sea, into the mounitains, into the underworld and out to the great plains. Some went well with their creations, others not. They decide to leave the daily ruling to their creation and watched from afar.

Many eons came and left. Dragons became mythical creatures only a few knew existed. To most they were just myths and fairy tales. Since dragon are born rulers they knew went to interact and when to not. They watched from afar, worried and and they waited. They knew that they had a responsibility and that responsibility could not be neglected.

The message came that in a part of their realm, the HooToo, the inhabitants had decided to elect a new ruler. Many dragons inhabited the HooToo and thus had a deep feeling of responsibility for the wellbeing of the inhabitants, the Researchers. To protect the Researchers the dragons dwelled amongst them, and had settled in the Dragon House to be near, serve and protect.

When enemies approached the HooToo, the dragons defended the realm together with the Researchers and made many friends. The dragons took care of the Researchers, talked to them, worked with them, amused them and made many beautiful and powerful things for their pleasure.

Since the earliest times dragons have protected the HooToo against all villains and enemies and will continue to. The Researchers shall be secure and free within the realm. No trolls or evil aliens shall be allowed to harm.


  • Dragons are born rulers! Dragons never abandon their loyals and give to them what they rightfully are entitled to.
  • We don´t promise petty things as bread and circus! We will not be bought or bribed!
  • We stand for the right of smiley - ness!
  • We stand for the continuity in the continuum!
  • Vote for the smiley - !

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