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To our kind and faithful voting

The time has come once again for you--the world of h2g2--to vote on your
Virtual President! I know that it must be a tough decision for you all with
such excellent and qualified candidates to choose from, but I would like to
lay out a few points as to why I think that Darth
smiley - planet and Chaunceysmiley - angel are your best candidates

First and foremost, both Darth Zaphod and Chauncey are long standing members
of h2g2. DZ has been an active member since July 2002 and Chauncey since
the following September. What does that mean for you? Well, that means
that we both have extensive knowledge of the intricacies of h2g2, and plan
on using that knowledge to your benefit. But just because we're experienced
doesn't mean we're old--both of us are only 19 years old, so we have all the
spunk and personality that any college kid should have!

Both Darth Zaphod and Chauncey have been very active since they began their
stint on hootoo. Darth Zaphod wrote for h2g2's The Post for two years with
the regular column In Other Words and
they BOTH founded everybody's favorite Random Quotes Guild, the Random Quote Guild!

We don't want to bore you with long drawn-out speeches full of empty
promises that, as virtual officers, we couldn't really fulfill anyway. We
don't want to pack our broadcast with so much GuideML fanciness that your
eyes bleed. We just want to give it to you straight: We promise to be even
more active on h2g2 than we are now, talking with the members and letting
everyone know who they voted for! So we ask sincerely for your vote, and
also ask that you browse our Campaign
to learn more about our cause. Thanks very much all,

Sincerely yours,

Darth Zaphodsmiley - planet and
Chaunceysmiley - angel

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