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Why should I vote for you then, binty?

Well, there are various reasons as to why you should vote for me. Other than the fact that I'm so cool and great, once elected I will be the most laid back and benevolent Prez h2g2 will ever see because my term in office will be one big party. As well as the virtual party scene I will create, real life party conferences will take place as h2g2 meets and everyone is especially encouraged to come up to Scotland for the SRG "conferences" smiley - .

Of course, Scotland is home to so many great people such as Fish1, the entire cast of River City 2, Michelle McManus and my mate Michael who looks like Winston out of Still Game, a vote for me is a vote for my country and all of these wonderful figures. Scotland is also known as the party capital of the world, so why shouldn't the Prez of h2g2 be of pure Scots blood3? smiley -

Tell us about all the innovations you've been behind on h2g2!

Let me see. So far there's been...

How's that for starters?

How do you stand on smashing hedgemonies?

To be honest, I really couldn't care less because I know what I stand for puts everyone else's petty squabbles in their inferior place. You the people want a good time and I, fords, am prepared to give this to you. At no cost whatsoever.


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1Out of Marillion2Including Gordon Kennedy of Absolutely fame - his dad used to be my family's doctor!390% alcohol, 10% other substances

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