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Black Cats

'I woke up, and I had a dream', Said the Camel, 'but I forgot it'

A Camel

Many people have wondered what the camel dreamt. What would a camel dream of? Some have said it dreamt of a world ruled by one tyranical camel, who gave out loads of rings (camel leg shaped of course), with one each for the different worlds of camels, and one to rule them all. Some have said that those who thought that had been reading the Lord of the Rings too often.

Some have said that the camel dreamt of a world full of sand, so that those lah de dah horses who like to run around in fields would know just how those poor camels in deserts felt all the time. Some have thought that is nonsense, because the particular camel had never seen fields, and it was far more likely that the camel would just want all the horses killed - because they went lah de dah all the time. Some other people pointed out that horses didn't actually go lah de dah, and made more of a neigh-ing sound. The people they said this about just told them to shut up.

But amongst the rambling people who like to guess and think what the camel dreamt, there are those who actually went out there to do some research. We are those people. We went out and did research, we met some of the camels greatest friends. We met various owners. And we met a few people who gave us funny looks, and one rather uncouth person who farted in our general direction. Until finally, based on our research, we have found out what the camel really dreamt... :

The camel dreamt of a man. A man who ruled over the Universe - and didn't know it. This man lived in a small house in the middle of nowhere. And in this house (which was rather sparce) was a cat. The man made all the decisions based on how the cat responded to him. And then the dream ended

It is vitally important this man is kept safe... and does not learn of the fact that he rules the universe. By voting for the Perfectly Normal Party, you are not just voting for a representative, you are voting for the safety of the universe.

If, zarquon forbid, any other party comes in to power, surely the danger of tyranical camels (have you ever wondered who was behind all those user names on h2g2, hmm?) taking over the world, and distributing their rings, would be all too real? And the real ruler of the universe would be put in serious peril.

Surely the safest, and the only choice to keep things 'normal', is to vote for people who will ensure the safety of the real ruler. That is a vote for the Perfectly 'Normal' Party, who will protect the man and his cat - so that they can make decisions for us, while Terran stands there, with his attractive looking group of officials, distracting everyone and keeping h2g2 a happier, safer, 'Normal' place.

You know what you have to do smiley - ok

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