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Or Rather it would do if the apathetic could be bothered to vote. For this the 2nd H2G2 Presidential Elections I intend to actively stir the apathetic, the lazy hearted, the die hard abstainers of this world to go to the ballot box and vote for me, None of the Above.

None of the Above: A Proven Winner.

None of the Above would have effectively won the following elections if an effective team had turned out the vote. And if None of the Above had stood and fought more than a paperless campaign.

UK General Election 2005

Labour 9,548,000 - 21.6%1

Conservatives 8,773,000 - 19.6%

Lib Dem 5,982,000 - 13.5%

SNP 412,000 - 0.9%

Plaid Cymru 175,000 - 0.4%

Northern Ireland 718,000 - 1.6%

Others 798,000 - 1.8%

None of the Above - 17,774,243 - 40.2%

Winner None of the Above by 8,226,243 votes or 18.6% over Labour

US Presidential Election 2004

George Walker Bush Republican 62,040,610 votes - 29.7%2

John Forbes Kerry Democrat 59,028,111 - 27.4%

Ralph Nader Independent Reform 463,653 - 0.2%

Michael Badnarik Libertarian 397,265 - 0.18%

Michael Peroutka Constitution 144,498 - 0.04%

None of the Above 93,398,655 - 43.3%

Winner None of the Above 31,358,045 votes - 13.6% over President Bush

1st H2G2 Presidential Elections
Peregrin 31

Demon Drawer 27

Celery 19

The Masque 9

Marv the Grate 9

The Big C 6

Insane Endeavor 6

Eomando 6

Don Alfredo 2

Baldrick 2

The Cheese 1

Login 0

None of the Above 20003


As the above clearly shows None of the Above would clearly of won the last Presidential Elections in the US and on H2G2 and would currently reside in 10 Downing Street if only they had bothered to register their campign.

This time None of the Above has declared their candidacy and has employed a well known politician and former H2G2 Prez candidate Demon Drawer as campaign manager. He will be effectively cajoling the un cajolable, rattling the unrattleable and persuading the unpersuadeable to make their apathy count and vote for none of the other candidates.

Demon Drawer will show why none of the other candidates deserve your vote and therefore why you have no option but to vote for None of the Above.

What can you do>

We only ask you to vote, just once, it can't hurt. After all Billions do it every year. Just vote none of the above.

Register your apathy by registering your support in the thread below.

Donate. Ok just leave us your credit card details and we'll do the rest.4

The h2g2 Presidential

Election 2005 Archive

29.09.05 Front Page

Back Issue Page

1Of total electorate of 44,180,243.2Of 215,694,000 registered voters.3Under Estimate of number of registered researchers who did not vote in 2002.4All major credit cards accepted. No discussion will be entered into between None of the Above and the cardholder as to how the money is spent. As for the cardholder they'll be too apathetic to follow it up anyway.

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