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Liberté Egalité Fraternité InsanityThe h2g2 Presidential Election Ballot.

Researchers of h2g2 I stand before you naked, or perhaps in a thong.

Perhaps instead I am chatting to my best-mate and fellow candidate Ralph in soft focus, discussing some minutiae of policy or political principle.

Contrary to some of the assertions made by my opponent, I have never accepted nor permitted any hegemony in this campaign, other than what is permitted under the rules concerning party funding.

My opponent seems to think that by appealing to socks he is appealing to all of h2g2, when we really know he is only interested in flip-flops.

The Thingites offer simple policies of






Our belief in Compassionate Thingism is a conviction born in ideology not political opportunism or a worrying obsession with badgers.

I am a war President. Our mission is a long and tough, but the sacrifice is worth it, in order to see Thingdom and Wibblocracy installed in countries that for decades have known only Thursday and...Wednesday. smiley - We can only achieve peace when the threat of the Thursdayists has been eradicated.

I am a unifiacatorer not a dividend!

A vote for Clive and Ralph is a vote for a better, brighter Tomorrow.

A vote for us is a vote against The Powers of Thursday!

If the people choose the people to govern the people, and we are among them, we shall form a government of the people, by the people and for the people, but only if the people vote for the people who will treat them as individuals. We give you this as our guarantee - we are those people!

Our motto is 'Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité, Insanity.'

Expect nonsense.

Click on the banner graphic to visit our campaign headquarters and support our campaign!

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