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Like comfortable surroundings, your favourite easy chair,

Familiar friends and faces that you know are always there.

We go about our old routines, our senses dulled and blunted,

Until with sudden icy shock Our emotions are confronted.

Imagined situations in minds eye oft rehearsed,

Controlled and subdued feelings, which could help cope with the worst.

And then life's scalpel plunges deep, raw and opened is our pain,

You discover truth in that old phrase, 'Life will never be the same.'

And only now you realise the meaning of regret,

Times that are gone forever, Moments long slipped through the net.

Unspoken words and gestures, Which could have said it all...

Now to late and useless... Only tears left to fall.

So please listen, heed the words I write, may they help a future pain,

Whilst 'tis not the 'British' way', ( to show emotions, we disdain,)

Hold and hug your Dearest, Old and Young alike,

Cherish times together and Love them day and night.

And then Regrets, you'll have but few, When Time it's toll doth take,

Your Heart, though bruised and dented,

it surely will not break...


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