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  • 03.05.01

    Fragilis reviews the state of the site at the moment, who has stayed and who has left,

    plus gives plenty of links to lively debate fora.

    Loony tells of a rescue attempt in Antarctica and Wowbagger suffers from a touch of egotism.

    Fishing jokes, cyber-kissing, more from Greebo and 'Regrets' from ni^bar in the poem.

    Sad, Mad or Bad shows us all the best mind-stretching places around h2g2, whilst we

    learn the winners of the Scavenger Hunt and start the next Post Paper Chase.

    Pastey has problems, Intrepid Canadian advocates no TV and Bluebottle has fun with smileys.

    Two bands are featured: Tiger Style and Solid Air.

  • 10.05.01

    A slim edition, with most of the content coming from regular contributors.

    Ormy returns with an election special and Fragilis examines the results of her re-design debate.

    Greebo launches her weekly voting booth, whilst Damson learns to love her body.

    Loony updates us about the internet detective, the poem is 'Clouds' and we fish for jokes.

    We hear all about the h2g2 Astronomy Society, about the cost of space travel and the proposed meet,

    but the biggy is Wowbagger's 'You know you're an h2g2 addict when' cartoon.

  • 17.05.01

    A sad, but optomistic edition as the whole site mourns the loss of Douglas Adams.

    We have tributes, memories and letters as h2g2ers around the world remember the reason

    why we all came here in the first place.

  • 24.05.01

    We welcome Abi into The Post fold as the Special Cricket Correspondant and

    learn about the Mark Moxon Fan Club.

    Wowbagger goes all soapy and we enter the fantasy land of Camelot.

    Ormy stirs a few memories about 'mullets' and Frags takes up Wowbagger's quest for why h2g2 is so addictive.

    We hear of the asteroid Arthur Dent and Greebs continues to amuse us all.

  • 31.05.01

    Wowbagger goes all soppy this week as Fragilis takes a well-deserved rest.

    More fun and a poem from Greebs, while Ormy touches on democracy, war, religion and betting!

    Read how to write for The Post, the trouble with Drive Thru doctors in the USA

    and all about socks.

  • 07.06.01

    Ormondroyd remains political on election day in the UK, whilst Wowbagger has trouble staying connected.

    Greebo quizzes us about 'Space Cowboys' and Gw7en goes house hunting.

    Sport features in 'The Stanley Cup' and Abi's 'This Sporting Life', whilst Munchkin suffers from writers block.

    Fragilis looks at 'The Kinsey Report', Loonytunes at Goatees and the Third Paper Chase begins.

  • 14.06.01

    A slim edition as The Post hands over to Ormondroyd for a post-election rampage.

    The winners of the recent Paper Chase are revealed and the location of the Summer Meet is

    finally confirmed in the Announcements section.

  • 21.06.01

    We introduce a new graphic artist, DoctorMO who joins Amy the Ant in providing artwork for The Post

    Wowbagger toasts absent friends as we look forward to new writers joining us in the coming weeks.

    Methos thrills us with Mongolian Folk Tales and Munchkin has some fun, as does Greebo.

    We hear of dark deeds afoot in h2g2, all about Wingding graphics and a plea for microstories from PF.

    Fragilis suggest some fun in The 'Gender Pronoun Game', whilst we find out who won the Stanley Cup.

    Gw7en continues house-hunting, but Galaxy Babe tells about athritis.

    More sport, more 'Notes', more Paper Chase Solutions and some brilliant lyrics from Ormy!

  • 28.06.01

    Another big issue as we welcome new writers to the fold.

    'The Frankie Roberto Interviews' start with Shea the Sarcastic holding forth and Wowbagger

    reflects on interviews also.

    'Ask Prof' starts with Prof C Tonks explaining about his position as GalaGroup Overseer

    and Minister for the Alabaster House.

    Pastey provides the charts for wingdings and Galaxy Babe reflects on the life of Diana, Princess of Wales.

    Bossel explains his work as an h2g2 Scout and Gw7en continues house-hunting.

    Uncle Heavy talks about the AS exams in the UK, Abi covers many sports, Greebo, 'Notes',

    Fragilis, more Paper Chase solutions... allow plenty of time!

  • 05.07.01

    Bigger and even better! All the details for the h2g2 Summer Meet are covered in the Announcements.

    Read about Octopuses, or is that Octopi, Mongolian Legends, the latest version of GuidePost,

    Martina Navratilova and the Tomorrow's World Live event.

    Fragilis examines 'Coming Out' as well as still writing her excellent 'View' column.

    Aaron O'Keefe begins his sometimes controversial scribblings 'IMWRS', but Wowbagger only procrastinates.

    Frankie interviews Colonel Sellers, Prof answers some awkward questions and Greebo has fun.

    Gw7en finishes house-hunting on an optimistic note, more 'Notes', more Paper Chase solutions...

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