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Posted: 17th May 2001

Where do I start? I hear the 'whooshing noise' of a deadline pass me by and still the page looks empty. Of course I have excuses... we all have had excuses the past few days. Numbness, shock, grief, anger... every imaginable human emotion permeats when you lose someone close.

I say close, but I never met DNA. As with millions around the world, I felt I knew him though. Each week, as I prepared The Post for another edition, wondering whether this article was appropriate or that article must be included, I would stumble across the imagination and drive of people from all corners of this 'small insignificant planet', fired on to write by the simple seed sown by a certain Mr Adams.

Some of this humble rag's most regular contributors work to overcome dyslexia in order to illuminate us with their ideas, concepts and humour. I have forged new friendships with the most unlikely beings... quite often only known by their username and number because they prefer to be shielded. But still they write. If not for The Post, then for the Guide.

The tributes have been pouring in. The best I can do is suggest you visit DNA's page for a full list of links, although you have all probably 'been there, done that'. A wonderful cartoon appeared on Userfriendly, a totally unrelated site to h2g2, and generated hundreds of messages within an hour.

As I stumbled about h2g2 and read and re-read the comments, tributes and outpourings, I started to feel better. This site is alive. The legacy which was close to DNA's heart couldn't be quenched by the fact that he wasn't here anymore! Of course he is here... in every guide article, home-drawn smiley or outrageous forum posting. The more I roamed, the more I felt that this site was bigger even than 'Disaster Area'... and growing daily. Some posts I have collected for this edition, one I will just mention... Jeni Ballagh' s poems written during the Overland Challenge and here for all to see.

We are indebted to so many people this week... Insane Endeavour, for the use of the black towel... (for those interested, the picture blob for this is B1034259, to Gw7en for drawing my attention to the proposed Towel Day and Swiv for helping me through a few dodgy hours trying to get this organised.


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