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Posted: 10th May 2001


This edition of The Post is lop-sided!

What a strange opening salvo you may say. Well, first of all we have the welcome return of Ormy after his prolonged absence due to holidays, none-publication and a nasty bout of tonsillitis.

Then we have all your favourites... Fragilis, Greebs, Loony, Wowbagger, Damson, So Long and Thanks for Laughing and the h2g2 Poem... all regular features. Week after week they contribute wonderful articles which I know you all thoroughly enjoy. The Post would be a sorry instrument without them all, not to mention the behind-the-scenes work of people like Amy the Ant and Pastey.

What we ARE missing, though, is more from YOU... the h2g2 researchers who write such wonderful Guide entries! Sometimes I find an article which I particularly like and ask to be allowed to feature it in The Post. This usually works very well... I can't remember anyone turning me down as yet. This is somewhat time-consuming, however, and I am not around on h2g2 as much as I used to be. So... why not consider sending your valuable scribblings into us! If they are genuinely not suitable you will be informed politely, but you won't know unless you try! This is not a recruitment drive for more 'staff' writers... just a plea for more varied features.

So, come on all you poets, scientists, artists, musicians, historians, novelists etc etc... spread your efforts via The Post!

Talking about Regular Items, Greebs is incorporating a fun voting item which will cover a different topic every week. You won't know until you try it what the particular subject is each week.

That ends my rant for the week... please do let the team know if you enjoy reading this, and other editions!

Any copy, articles, suggestions and letters should be sent to The Editor. Please use this same address if you are interested in volunteering to become a regular contributor.



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  • Ormondroyd returns with his excellent, sometimes quirky, look at current affairs.

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  • Wowbagger with his wonderful cartoon series.

    The long-awaited first answers to 'You know you're an h2g2 addict when...'

  • The Post Office

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