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Where All Roads Lead

The roads were busy today

With millions of leaves going away.

They had set off early to avoid the rush

Hoping to miss the crowds and the crush.

Some hitched a ride on the side of the car

Some stuck to the windscreen, much safer by far.

All of them dancing along on the breeze

Sucked up by the lorries passing under the trees.

The frenzy was manic as they raced down the street

Bouncing and flying on hidden wee feet.

Where were they going this bright autumn day?

What was the rush that drove them away?

The night before had been very clear

And being November, it was the time of year

When just before dawn Jack Frost came down

And turned the leaves from gold to brown.

This was the sign they had waited for

They knew that soon, the wind would roar

Rain and hail and eventually snow,

Would cover them up making it too late to go.

So down they came all of a flutter

Before they got wet and stuck like butter

The roads were dry and they picked up speed

Racing on together, to where all roads lead.

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