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  • 27.11.03
    The Post celebrates 'Thanksgiving' with our friends from the USA. Both DZ and quizzical have a few thoughts on the subject! Red Kite and Swiv also celebrate when the UK Rugby team wins of the World Cup. Three travellers report on very differing parts of the world; Ireland, Australia and Taiwan but Smudger is at home in the UK for once. Awix takes a break from film reviews to compile a devilish Doctor Who quiz and HPB looks at the Children in Need appeal and Doctor Who. Hypatia examines strange bedfellows in her excellent and informative gardening column and we welcome a new cartoonist to the fold to join our other brave artistes. Four poems, two serials and a huge regulars section completes the programme.

  • 04.12.03

    The Post is in party mode as we celebrate our 4th birthday in style. There is plenty of cake as Wotchit provided one just for this happy occasion. With 16 regulars, 8 Features, 4 cartoons and 6 items in the Features section we can certainly say we all had a good time - and a good read!

  • 11.12.03

    Awix hits his 100th edition of the popular 24 Lies a Second review column and votes are invited for the entries in our Christmas Poetry Competition. We feature a report on the BBC programme Innovation Nation - from two of the participants - and go racing with Smudger. Quizzical suggests some alternative Christmas Presents, which may come in handy with the arrival of Santa on h2g2. Escape Pod Dreams offers a choice of Christmas recipes (not for the faint-hearted) whilst our Cranky gardener talks dirty! So much else to read, so little time to the holidays!

  • 18.12.03

    In a beautifully festooned edition (thanks Wotchit) first up is the fiction section which includes a spooky tale from Stealth Kam and a seasonal piece from Evadne Cake. Our Regulars all excel and fill our stockings to the brim which makes the feast of Features the icing on the cake! As this is the last issue of the year and the Team are taking a break, you are left with plenty of puzzles and competitions to keep you amused in our absence.

  • 08.01.04

    Refreshed from the holidays but sadly not in full health, the Post Team return to find it is 2004. Awix gets listmania and HPB surfs over a new Us sit-com. Swiv finishes her trip to Uganda and manages to return home in one piece. Tonsil moves to a new slot, Platypus Dancing, to present his eclectic mix of cartoons and Derek hears of his destiny in Errors of Comedy. Demon Drawer announces the start of the 4th Annual Peta Awards and the winner of the Hootoo Superbowl Competition is revealed. Oh, don't forget to check out Munchkin's Horoscope predictions - though we'd be seriously concerned if many of them came true!

  • 15.01.04

    No edition this week as illness and lack of internet connection keep shazz incommunicado.

  • 22.01.04

    Another no show as Greebo takes a well deserved break and shazz returns too late to collect and collate articles.

  • 29.01.04

    Back with a bumper issue we Silver Surf and Run with Scissors twice and welcome the CAC Continuum back in revamped form after a prolonged absence. Quizzical excels with an excellent guide to computer viruses, spam and spyware. Boots prepares to leave her flower shop - how will we survive without these brilliant anecdotal stories? Thankfully there are plenty more episodes to come! Lucky Star is at it again - dancing that is. Demon Drawer provides the news on the Peta's and impresses us by not being pogonophobic. Little Jimmy goes to the pet shop in Underneath the Surface and Mr Christopher continues to delight with his Inanimate series. Stainless Rider has news from Ma's, Pinniped presents a short essay - on everything - and we welcome sprout with a new travel series. Packed with all your favourites and more, a great edition to get the ball rolling again.

  • 05.02.04

    The Post opens its doors for the annual Valentines fest where researchers can wax lyrical online. Munchkin takes in a spot of local culture and CAC-C has a 'sneaky' issue. Several reports on the US Superbowl and Red Kite on who made it to the quarter finals of the Heineken cup in Rugby Union. Hypatia goes into compost in her Cranky Gardener and Pinniped also rummages around in the mire of politics and the press. There are plenty of other excellent items from regular and not-so-regular writers and a must-not-miss 2004 Male Nude Calendar of h2g2 members!

  • 12.02.04

    This hearts and flowers edition is wonderfully set off by a super graphic provided by Wotchit. Quizzical suggests alternatives to the normal roses and chocolates and Awix travels back to 1946. Swiv drops in with an update on University life but Munchkin is side-tracked by beer. Boots give the low-down on party life for the girls and even Pinniped waxes lyrical. CAC may be tiddley-pomming and The Cranky Gardener may be going to seed but the Valentine Message board makes for interesting reading. With a full complement of poems, stories and cartoons, your Post wishes everyone a happy St Valentine's Day.

  • 19.02.04

    Disaster strikes Greebo's computer so we sadly cannot enjoy her QED or Word Play games this week. This is a shame as 'National Cat Health Month' is celebrated within the scribblings of many of our regular writers. We are pleased to welcome back 'The Bookworm Club Review' and introduce Asmodai dark with his new DVD review series. Kiltedjedi challenges everyone with his 'Braveheart Reincarnated' piece and Timelord tells us all about the late Bob Monkhouse. Terry Teadreg gets entangled, Smudger moves and Demon Drawer continues his triplet of contributions and urges us all to vote for the Peta's. Have fun!

  • 26.02.04

    Another landmark reached as the Post publishes edition 200. To celebrate quizzical takes a trip around other bicentennials and Awix 'sexes up' his dossier. Blues Shark rocks around the Buzzcocks favourite Bill Bailey and, after flirting with a farding bag, DD gives Geoffrey McGivern the 45 words treatment. CAC dines out as does the hero of Errors of Comedy. We welcome Master B with his own style of recipes and Jimi X with a new interactive series on Marketing. The Bookworms go to France and Swiv job-hunting but Hypatia gives expensive Garden Centres a miss. Pinniped manages to cleverly revisit 11 of his previous items but Atlantic_Cable only receives a wrong number. Smudger has trouble with a spanner and Kiltedjedi with a chinchilla. Voting draws to a close for the Peta's plus there is a full complement of cartoons, sport and poetry.

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