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Posted: 11thDecember 2003


The Penultimate 2003 Issue!!

Yes gentle reader this is the last but one edition of your favourite h2g2 newspaper this year. Next week (the 18th) we deliver to your computer screen the Christmas Issue of The Post, so packed full of excitement we know you can hardly wait. But wait you must, so console yourself with this festively wrapped, smiley - cracker of an edition, packed with all your usual weekly treats, fun and thrills. And, if that isn't enough to get you going, check out '24 Lies A Second' this week, our Assistant Editor and regular writer Awix has notched up one hundred articles in his review column. Well done Awix, I think I can say for us all how much we look forward to the next one hundred!! smiley - winkeye

Whilst I have your attention, don't forget to take a look at the Christmas Poetry Competition this week. We need your help in deciding which one of our poets deserves to win this year, we have nine hopefuls all waiting for your vote. If you could spare a moment or two, to look through all the entries and then vote on the one you would most like to win we would be very grateful. The poem which gets the most votes will be announced next week, so good luck to all our talented Christmas poets.

In the Features section we have a fascinating insight into the Innovation Nation programme recently broadcast by the BBC. Although the actual series has finished, the result of all this hard work will feature in the live final on 17th December at 8.00 pm , hosted by Craig Doyle. Anything which can ease the tension of writing for hours on end (yes, we do use something other than a keyboard to prepare your Post on occasions!) must be a good thing!

Finally, I am sure you all know the jolly man in the red suit smiley - santa that makes special appearances at this time of year. Well, as luck would have it, Santa has decided to bring his Grotto to h2g2 and you can visit him and tell him all your Christmas wishes. Why not take Rudolph and his smiley - reindeer chums a carrot or two while you are at it, just to make sure that they build up their strength in the next couple of weeks. Better to be safe than sorry!!

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