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Posted: 5th February 2004


It is almost Valentines Day

Which means, of course, that you should put your soppy hat on and start writing. Yes, we invite you, once again, to send in your messages for fellow researchers and see them published in your very own newspaper. You may sign them or not, but a valid email address and your user name and number must accompany your request and they should conform to the rules of the site. The address for these is: [email protected]. If you would prefer to wax lyrical then send in a love poem instead. These will be run as separate items. The deadline for submissions is Tuesday 10th February at midnight GMT

Talking of poetry, the Post coffers are empty! If there are any aspiring poets (or Vogon Poets) out there, please contact us and see your scribblings in print.

Finally, there has been much talk onsite about the history of h2g2, what came before and how the site has changed over the years. The Post Archives hold a wealth of information for those interested. For example:
h2g2 related stories and articles
Tributes to Douglas Adams
1-2-1 Archive - interviews with early researchers including 1-2-1 With The Post
Frankie meets... Richard Creasey - a personal friend of DNA who was a co-founder of h2g2

The Archives are the repository for all previous articles.

Stop Press

A new archive encompassing all the early and ongoing history of h2g2 as seen through the eyes of
The Post has now been added. Visit the 'All About h2g2' Archive today!




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