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Gems In The Rough, A Controversy

A picture of the tombs.

A while back there was much ado about something. That something was the somewhat restrictive nature of the official Writing Guidelines. It was thought by some that since the DNA novels were fictitious and humorous, then the edited guide should allow those types of entries. This did not happen. What did happen was that several alternative outlets for creative writing emerged, the best of these 'unofficial' forums being the The Post, AGG/GAG/CAC and, later, the UnderGuide.

Now that the history (yawn) is over with I'll move on to what this issue is all about. The UnderGuide had been formed with the intention of showcasing great alternative writing from the Alternative Writing Workshop with its very own link on the Front Page. Because the link is actually on the front page there has been some controversy over what can be linked to the front page. There have been entries that were resoundingly approved by the Miners at the UnderGuide that, for various reasons, cannot be promoted in this manner. Well, that didn't go down too well (these entries are Really, Really, Good), so the AGG/GAG/CAC and the UnderGuide got together to bring you these controversial works of excellence that couldn't be supported otherwise. Enjoy!

Order Of Engagement

Groucho Marx.

The first of the too hot to handle entries is one of the best narratives I've had the pleasure of reading here at hootoo. It's a look at the darker side of life (and death) in an unusually thoughtful way. I'd say more but I'm afraid I'd only detract from La Oiseau de Nyss's tale: Suicide Narrative - Philosophical Exploration Of Suicide Through Creative Non-Fiction.

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Next up, a personal account by Pantherlady describing her solution to a problem that is all too common. This is a work of hope; a method of recovery that has worked so far for at least one person. I only hope that it can help others as well. How I Got Past Self Harming is a powerful accounting that brought back memories.

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A list of Shakespeare's Tragedies, surrounded by tear drops.

Third on the list of too good to be ignored is a passionate look at a mainstream religion from the other side. Blatherskite's arguement The Failure Of Christianity To Stand Up To Reason, whether you agree or not, will make you think twice.

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To finish this week off we present one from The Post Archives. The Birth by Boots is a completely original look at the process of childbirth. This has to be one of the funniest takes on the 'wonders of reproduction'. I can't possibly stress how good this tale is. Read at your own risk, may cause involuntary urination (d*mn near did for me)!

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This edition of the CAC: Continuum has been thrown together with great haste and liberal GuideML theft by: Sneaky (The First Sproket), UG Miner, CAC: Continuum Guest Ed. Visit the UnderGuide, or suffer the consequences (boredom, inescapable boredom)!

The boilerplate:

And, finally, a warm thanks and a cold nose to those who

have helped, offered help, almost but not quite assisted but

haven't gotten in the way, and those with alien tracks on

their foreheads and Groucho ashes in their breast pockets. We

couldn't do it without you.The Committee for Alien

Content(ment) salutes you!smiley - smiley - smiley -

This issue is subsidised by the folks at the UnderGuide!
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