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The Real Teachers

I turn on the teev.

War, explosions and fighting,

Coutesy of Hollywood.

I flick on the radio

Slim Shady raps about killing his Mom.

I open a magazine

Selling murder, war and death

In a video game.

I open the newspaper

Real war, Real murder, Real death.

On the sand of Iraq and the streets of Highbury.

Through the television I see proud US soldiers,

But no dead Iraqi children.

The media know war doesn't hurt.

That's what the censor tells them.

A dove with a machinegun.

I go to school.

Teenagers swear and argue.

Fantasise about killing.

They yell abuse at me, they want to fight me.

To hurt.

I haven't spoken yet,

But I am scum, the enemy.

The television shows

Young children killing virtual soldiers

Then switches to

The 'War on Terror'

Nits make Lice, I think to myself.

People hate me for being unusual,

I am different, but am I evil?

I am not you, so I am the enemy.

Scum... Kill...

Who taught you this?

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