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  • 18.09.03

    This week we start with the Features Section which includes an update from a few weeks absent reporter 'Swivs Travels: Uganda 2003'. In the Fiction Section this week are three wonderful poems by Witchone, Smudger and Greebo T. Cat, and also don't miss the next instalments of our on-running stories. After going missing last week, 'Underneath the Surface' returns with the start of a new adventure for Jimmy. Plus don't miss out on the other favourites in the Cartoons. In the Regular Section there's an update on 'Murder on the Dance Floor', a wonderful tribute to Johnny Cash in 'Rockin' Around the Clock' and round three of 'Word Play' begins. Something for everyone in this bumper issue.

  • 25.09.03

    Four poems start this week's articles, including the intriguingly entitled 'The Bend Called U' by Caper Plip. There is a full quota of cartoons; take a look at h2g2 Life which has a surprise ending this week. A Baby Doctor Writes... returns this week after a too long break from the Regular Section and don't miss all our other regular writers who have been working hard. A large Features Section completes The Post, with the sad demise of a friend, and a rather wonderful tale about h2g2 favourite icons - the Smilies.

  • 02.10.03

    There are some great Cartoons to start your week with a chuckle, whilst in the Regulars Section, 'Boudica' is reviewed in Small Screen Surfin' and Egon returns to his Sports review column. QED is a brand new quiz page in the Features Section and also don't miss Pinniped at his best in 'Embers'. Sadly we say farewell to Ripper's wonderful 'Next to the Custard' this week but don't worry, the Fiction Section will still have many wonderful items for you to enjoy.

  • 09.10.03

    First off we have the Regulars this week, with the welcome return of 'Swiv's Idea of University' and a brand new weekly article called 'Opinion Point'. There's a bumper Features Section this week; Ormondroyd tells us about the 'The Bradford Broccoli 2003' Meet and there's a 'Through the Doughnut Hole' special to name but two. There are also four poems for you to enjoy, and a new three part mini-series by HPB for you to relax over a cuppa with in the Fiction Section. With all the usual cartoons to smile at, and don't forget to peruse the Announcements to keep up to date with the happenings around h2g2.

  • 16.10.03

    This week we start off with a Caption Competition based on the Dutch Meet, well worth a try. There's also a review of the same meet for you to enjoy. The Fiction section is a little smaller than usual, but there's still plenty for you to sink your teeth into. We have a new Sports column starting - 'Red Kite in the Ruck - in the Regular section and also don't miss all the other 'unmissable' articles in this week's edition.

  • 23.10.03

    This week we reveal a brand new serial story called 'Errors of Comedy' and some simply beautiful poems in the Fiction Section. Sadly 'Paper Cuts' is missing this week from the Cartoons, but the rest of the gang are there to cheer you up. In the Regular Section we welcome back Jimi X's column 'Keystone Corner', and there's some great sporting articles including 'Red Kite in the Ruck' and 'Sporting With Egon '. The Features Sections seems to grow weekly as we include a little of everything for you to enjoy. Don't miss out on Week Two of the 'Dutch Meet Caption Competition' either or you'll kick yourself.

  • 30.10.03 smiley - witch Hallowe'en Special

    Lots of evil and nasty things are lurking in the Post Office this week, and I don't just mean the editors. For a start it would be wicked of you to miss out the 'The Post Special Supplement' filled with all things spooky and just a little scary. There's a wonderful cartoon by Wowbagger in the Cartoon Section and another in which he guest stars, well worth a trick or treat. In the Regular Section, 'Rock Around The Clock' enjoys a fiendishly musical medley and the Great Pumpkin is discussed in 'The Cranky Gardener' to name but two. The 'Dutch Meet 2003 Caption Competion' enters it's third week and 'Swivs Travels: Uganda 2003' goes to Kamuronko this week in the Features section. In the Fiction section there are four poems for you to hide your eyes from, the adventure continues in 'h2g2 Storytime III' and we bid a fond farewell to 'Only Slightly'. All in all a magnificently devilish edition to be sure, miss it at your own peril.

  • 06.11.03

    As sometimes happens with our writers busy 'Real Lives', several regulars are missing from this edition. But have no fear, what we do have is an edition full of exploding excitment and we start this week with the Regular Section. HPB talks about his heroes in 'Small Screen Surfin'' and you can take part in a quiz about your very own newspaper in 'QED' to name but two great articles. The Features Section has nine superb articles to choose from, including the very last 'Dutch Meet 2003 Caption Competition'. If you like poetry you're in luck this week in the Fiction Section, as many writers have put virtual pen to paper and produced some brilliant work this week, why not go and check it out now. And last but not least we have our regular Cartoons to cheer you hope and hopefully put a smile on your face. Share and Enjoy!!

  • 13.11.03

    This week's Post has a gaggle of articles from our fine Post Reporters. Felonious Monk talks politics, Pinniped gives us some philosophy to ponder, and the final winner from the 'Dutch Meet 2003 Caption Competition' is revealed! Many poets contribute to this week's Post, and Kate Schechter starts a new fiction 2-parter called 'Drive'. Our regulars include Darth Zaphod talking about the holiday season, and we hear stories from quizzical's mom in 'Running With Scissors'. The usual cartoonists are also here with some great humour! All in all, a great read!

  • 20.11.03

    With a strange combination of themes, namely 'Peanut Butter' and 'Tolerance', this edition can't help but be food oriented. Death by food comes from quizzical and DZ goes into raptures. Meanwhile Munchkin reports on his recent trip to 'Oireland' and Blues Shark on an enjoyable night out. Swiv reaches Rwanda and LuckyStar contemplates Speed Dating. Pinniped is in three minds but Smudger has no doubts about a skinflint. Bluebottle espouses the latest Beatles release and boots tries a Mission Impossible. Kate finishes her 'Drive', Verc starts his Doctor Who series and The Post introduce this year's poetry competition. Plenty of Sport, Regulars, Cartoons and Fiction complete this bulging issue.

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