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The sad conclusion to the poem Regrets


When you find that life is leaving, it goes with no recourse

There are no second chances, no lenience for remorse.

No sudden abrupt ending, to catch you unaware.

But a long relentless process, of agonised despair.

Straws you long since grasped at are crumpled now and gone.

Hope that was first offered, only served to prolong.

Look back at what you went through, gladly suffering the pain,

Seeds of hope planted, everything to gain.

And we the ones who loved you saw that germination die,

But never once your spirit, or the humour in your eyes.

You knew the consequences, Oh! How indeed you knew,

We'd like to think we helped to make it easier for you.

Even now I still am haunted, you lay there in the bed,

And in a lucid moment looked me in the eye and said;

'Can you pull the tube out, will it help me die?'

But all that I could do was hold your hand and cry.


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