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The Ultimate Fear

In the palest moonlight of the night,

Amongst the drinking, clubbing and vicious fight.

Stood a woman of amazing grace,

Of kindness, humour, and smiling face.

Within the crowd in which she danced,

Not a man was there would not wish to romance.

This woman of the blondest hair,

You could not help but stop and stare.

Surely impossible that this woman be free

Of a partner, but thats what it seems.

One can hope that there is a chance,

Maybe even, with-you she'll dance.

To speak to her is the only way,

To ask her what you want to say.

But confidence is lacking much,

You fear that you would have no luck.

So you don't do anything, don't try your hand,

And spend your life in sinking sand

Not knowing what it is you want for life,

So avoid any trouble, difficulty or strife.

So you let this one and only chance,

To find how sweet could be romance,

Pass by as many others have,

And only think that it is sad

That you are with no one on this night,

But don't notice that it's you she likes.

You don't even think that its you she wants,

instead the words 'What if I'm wrong?' haunts.

Just think what if on this night,

You find the love that would be your life.

Don't cloud your thoughts with your fright,

In the palest moonlight of the night.

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