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Just a few of the facts to be more accurate. Not all of them. Not all the facts are interesting and the ones that interest me might not interest you.

My brain is of a disappointingly average sort of size. I'd like to interest myself in a lot more things but, what with the modest (some might say minuscule) brain capacity, I have to limit myself. Arthropods fascinate mesmiley - spider and so does evolution. Contagious and inherited diseases too. The natural environment. Meteorology.

The things people believe and the reasons they believe them, often puzzle me. Things that puzzle me would make a very long list. Economics and quantum mechanics would also be on that list. That would be a list of things that interest me even though I don't remotely understand them.

I like life (not necessarily my own) but cannot always believe in its existence. It doesn't make sense to me.

Lists aren't very interesting, are they? This list can only get stranger so I'll stop here.

Now that I come to think about it, even my very limited subset of all the things that are interesting, is too long to list. But not to worry. There's a vast amount of it to be found here at h2g2, which is one of the reasons that I'm here. You can find it almost anywhere you look.

Scarab Beetle

For example, click on this link if you would like to discover some jolly interesting Arthropods.

Oh, alright! (1-7)(0x4-7x1) = 42

Recently I've started writing very short stories - mainly horror with a touch of sci-fi and fantasy mixed in. I decided to give this a go because all my other little hobbies have been practically eliminated by the pain and pain-killers that have made mincemeat of my memory and ability to think. They're just long enough to help me to focus my mind for an hour or so and short and simple enough so I don't have a chance to forget who and what I was writing about. If you like short horror stories click on the links below to read them. There are a few stories at the bottom of the list that aren't spooky. I've put them together at the bottom because, if you're anything like me, you'll be disappointed to read about mundane reality when you were hoping for something ghastly. Mind you, even the ones rooted in reality are not what you might call "nice".


The Mares of Diomedes

Jack in the Green


Cycles of the Moon

The Ooze: Mind Out of Matter

Parallel Universes

Mrs Endhouse

First Contact


A Spirit of Discord at Harmony Hall

A Strange Infection

The Project


The Faces



They Come


The Girl Who Loved Rats

Vlad and Brunhilda

What the.....?

Run Through The Jungle


Decay (Sadly, based on true events. I've changed the names of my aunt and her friend.)

Just for Fun

In An Office

The Bovine Collection

A Tiger by the Tail (is really a pop at our government masquerading as a story)

42-Word Stories

If you like reading short stories but are not keen on the sort I write, you can find a lot of different types over at Fiction Central. If you like writing stories, you can also submit them there. And if you want people to read, comment and make suggestions on how you might improve your writing, you can submit stories, poems, essays and so on, to The Alternative Writing Workshop. Entries submitted to The AWW may be picked for The h2g2 UnderGuide - which is another good place to find interesting things to read.

AND yet another good place to find stories, news and other information is The h2g2 Post.

Here's my link to where the current action is (if there is currently any action): The 20 Most Recently Updated Conversations.

And my handy addresses link.

On 1 June 2009 I was awarded a very special badge (by Pinniped), after struggling and failing to meet a writing challenge to 'Defend the Indefensible'. I attempted to defend cannibalism, thinking it a suitably indefensible diet for any nice human being. The entry was submitted to Peer Review (that was part of the challenge) and unexpectedly (by me at least) got picked for the Edited Guide. It got past the peers, the moderators and the editors then fell at the last hurdle when (it appears) the BBC lawyers nobbled it. The award is for "ruffling the powers in the towers" - because they seem to have decided that cannibalism is indeed indefensible and (I hope) that I defended it well enough to worry them. This is my wonderful new badge.

Order of the Velvet Gauntlet
Because Editors shouldn't be Surgeons. They should be Midwives

Can't think why anyone would want to but, just in case, you can send me an email by clicking here.

Some People I Like

A red dragon

Tibley Bobley

And in case you're interested, this is a female of the species

News Flash:
I've started building my own website - under my real-life name (very amateurish - but hey! - you have to start somewhere). If you would like to have a peek, it's here.


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