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Hi all, do you remember way back in the December of last year that The Post ran a Christmas Poetry Competition. Well we think that it's about time you all found out who the winner is and we are pleased to announce that it's non other than Pink Dandelion with the rather thought provoking poem, 'Nice Christmas'.

Pink Dandelion got almost four times as many votes as any of the other entries, and so we think you will all join with The Post, in congratulating Pink Dandelion, for a very impressive poem, and thanking all the other entrants, in a competition of such high standard, that voting for a favourite must have been very difficult indeed.

Here for you all to read is the winning poem of the The Post 2000 Christmas Poetry Competition.

Nice Christmas

by The Pink Dandelion

Christmas comes but once a year, which frankly is enough,

The turkey, sprouts and gravy mean jack s**t when you are sleeping rough,

As Christmas day approaches, and the weather starts to pinch,

You can't condemn the homeless man for acting like the grinch.

I clutter up shop doorways, my skin and hair's a mess,

The only decent meal I get is weekly at St James the Less,

Where fleetingly I'm noticed and my basic needs are met,

Then back out to reality, degraded, cold and wet.

Christmas is coming and the city boys grow fat,

But no part of their bonus finds its way into my proffered hat,

A cup of tea, at 90p, would keep me warm inside,

But not a lot is all I got, loose change and tarnished pride.

When your view is Jimmy Choo, as posh birds totter by,

You can't escape the feeling that they want you to curl up and die,

I sit and sing by Liberty until I'm moved along,

They act like I'm invisible, no supper for my song.

I'm dreaming of a nice Christmas,

Just like the ones I used to know,

Till my Dad deserts us,

And Mum's bloke hurts us,

And kicks me out, helpless, and alone.

I'm dreaming of a nice Christmas,

Without the hunger and the lice,

When you see me next time, think twice,

And pray all your Christmases stay nice.


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