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The sixth page of Past Issue links with a brief description of some, but by no means all,
of the excellent articles featured.

Some articles are retained by their authors so will not contain links.

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  • 11.12.00

    Wowbagger's computer returns... they say that absence makes the heart grow fonder...

    Two articles cover the Christmas h2g2 Social and the Post gives all the picture links.

    Jokes and fun galore with Greebo, Bluebottle, Ormondroyd and Anonymouse!

  • 18.12.00

    The Christmas Edition as The Post takes a two week break.

    There is poetry galore as Wowbagger and Positive Feedback wax lyrical
    and The Post Poetry Competition

    publishes all the entries and invites votes from our readers.

    Fragilis reports on 'project spy' and starts a survey, St.Seven of Nine wins the Bikini Competition.
    Horoscopes from Dragonfly and more from Ormondroyd.

  • 08.01.01

    2001 and The Post is still here despite Wowbagger's fears... the cartoon is back in colour!

    We learn the results of the 'Goo' versus 'Alabaster' survey from Jimi X.

    The 'Vice' gives more advice, Fragilis reports on the Denver Meet and the survey results.

    Our poet examines breasts... hmmm... and Ormy finds his dream headline at last!

  • 15.01.01

    The Post announces the availabilty of searchable back-issues.

    Wowbagger goes all paternal and Ormy takes a swipe at the British Monarchy.

    Our resident Poet takes a short leave of absence and Pastey steps into the breach.

    The Virtual Prez steps on his soapbox and throws down a challenge.

    Reinhard visits Berlin and Fragilis reports on her guinea pigs.

  • 22.01.01

    The results of the h2g2 Caption Competition are announced.

    The new President of the USA, sworn in this week, is examined by Ormy.

    We hear from the Minister for S&T and consider faster than light communication.

    Wowbagger tries some updating, Monsy gives some sound advice and the jokes are on celebrity mis-quotes

    A new series about Babylon-5 begins and another poet features.

  • 22.03.01

    h2g2 returns! Most of this edition examines the 'new' site.

    The results of the h2g2 Christmas Poetry Competition are announced.

    All your old favourites return including Fragilis, Ormy, Tweetie, Positive Feedback and Wowbagger... the dad!

    Two articles tackle the difficult subject of 'Foot and Mouth'.

  • 29.03.01

    We experience the arrival of the Wowbagglet in h2g2 life.

    The film 'Contact' is reviewed and Vegiman has more on the Foot and Mouth epidemic.

    Fragilis, Ormy, Damson Jones and Greebo continue their columns.

    Loonytunes, Colonel Sellers and Pastey all contribute thought-provoking items.

  • 05.04.01

    The h2g2 Virtual President returns with a good idea and Ormy comes to the end of his 'singing'.

    Afgncaap investigates the Zaphodista's and Wowbagger, Pastey and Fragilis examine the 'new wave'.

    h2g2 Fiction returns, the Post Paper Chase begins, Ormy throws cream pies around and

    Loonytunes finds an April Fool!

  • 12.04.01

    The other side of the BBC debate is covered in this edition by Peta, Mark and Uncle Heavy.

    A comprehensive article on copyright issues tries to make things clearer.

    MaW introduces his new help gadget for GuideML and Greebo provides the poetry.

    Satan rears his head in 'Notes'... but not for long, and Wowbagger starts his 'h2g2life' competition.

    Damson Jones chats about her bed and shazz about letters to the editor.

  • 19.04.01

    Ormondroyd and Fragilis take a short sabbatical, as does The Post next week.

    We lose our heads at The Tower of London and make up with Damson Jones.

    The state of Asian music in the UK is covered and Loonytunes goes to a concert.

    Wowbagger has baby problems, the 1st Paper Chase ends, Bluebottle writes about

    the late Harry Secombe and a new poet contributes to the h2g2 Poem column.

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