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Posted: 8th January 2001


Welcome to the first edition of the Post, 2001.

The Post Team hope that you all enjoyed the holiday period and have returned to h2g2 refreshed and not too hung-over... or fed up with the need to rise early for work again.

The Post Team have, coincidentally, been extremely busy during the past few weeks. Pastey has designed a nifty new email program which will enable all researchers to contact the Team quickly and easily. You can just drop along to the Post Office and type your message, or copy and paste your article, into the box provided. Click on either Pastey or shazz, depending whether you have a technical question (Pastey) or an editorial one (shazz), and your email will be on its way! All clever stuff eh?

Meanwhile shazz has finally lodged all the past issues of the Post on the h2g2 servers. This means that they are all searchable... don't all rush to view the Wowbaggers at once please... and, by the next issue, you will be able to access them through a specially set-up Back Issue Page which, hopefully, will provide a guide to the content of each issue.

Most of your favourites return for the New Year, although Wowbagger seems confused about which year we are actually in (check out the copyright on the side of his h2g2 Life cartoon!)

Ormondroyd has found a headline to die for, Positive Feedback examines breasts and Fragilis tells us all about the Denver Meet-up... small but perfectly formed.

We hope to announce the results of the Caption Competition which the Towers ran based on the recent
London Christmas bash, if you haven' t caught the entries, you can check them out via the Announcements page.

The Hermes Messenger Service is keen to have your custom. They will deliver your messages direct to other researchers pages on h2g2. You may remain anonymous if you want to!

If you still feel in need of entertainment, check out Pathology in the Hundred Acre Wood, a link to a very funny site sent in by johnwfulton13. We are always pleased to hear from any of our readers with links, articles, adverts, announcements or anything else you may think relevant to The Post.

Go on... contact us! We have made it easy for you now! The Post Office can always be accessed by clicking on the link provided at the bottom of each edition!



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  • Wowbagger with his wonderful cartoon series. So THIS is 2001!

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