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The h2g2 Researchers from the Denver, USA area met at a local cafe early this month. This is a brief report of the meeting.

The Pre- Get Together

Before the official meet, we had a less informal introduction at the Wits End Comedy Club on the evening of December 9th. We watched a performance of the Sandman, a hypnotist known for persuading his volunteers to engage in embarrassing and often silly behaviour.

And so they did! Many of the antics they engaged in are quite inappropriate for discussion here. But perhaps it is enough to say that the Sandman convinced his participants at various times that they were on drugs, drunk, watching public displays of nudity, surrounded by wildly attractive people, and much more.

Phoenix attempted to volunteer for the comedy act. But he began to giggle on-stage during the hypnosis, and asked to leave after it became clear to him that he wasn't being a good subject. The rest of us tried not to act too disappointed about this. But by the end of the routine, we wondered whether it wasn't a relief that he escaped the stage!

The Actual Meet

The Mercury Cafe's street sign
This is the street sign for the Mercury Cafe, where the Denver researchers met on January 7th at 4:20 pm. Phoenix described it as a 'pretty hoopy place to hang out. Excellent chocolate mousse, but their Gin and Tonics could use some work.'

The dinosaurs painted on the outside of the building
Luckily Jake's entry on the Mercury Cafe told us what to expect when we got there. And the dinosaurs painted outside the building made the cafe easy to find. These two dance beside the parking lot, probably a tribute to the cafe's habit of holding dancing lessons on the second floor.

The h2g2 researchers
I came with my camera and took some pictures, including this one of those at the meet-up. From left to right, there's me (Fragilis), Phoenix, and Gwen7.

I brought a guest and Gwen7 brought two, but they are not pictured here. Neither is Luna, which is a shame because you're really missing out on her belt/handcuffs. We discussed the Hitchiker's Guide, roleplaying games, our jobs, and more while sitting in a bunch of comfy chairs around a few tables.

Jake didn't make it, for reasons we still haven't figured out. Dragonfly also wasn't able to attend. Phoenix kindly brought an origami dragonfly to symbolize her presence. She seemed to appreciate this later, saying
'The mystery of what I REALLY look like, kinda like Nicole Kidman... lol... a little bit Drew Barrymore... and this other chick I can't remember... but I think she's in this new movie about dancing... will perpetuate!!!'

Phoenix's origami African mask
Phoenix proved himself quite the talent at origami. Pictured here is an African mask he folded on a whim and gave to Gwen7 and her party.

Half a  tiger mounted on the wall inside
This half tiger was mounted on the wall near our tables. Gwen7 found it a bit disturbing, particularly the eyes. Phoenix tried to explain that the large fake eyes were surely not put in place before the tiger bit the bullet. The big red bow it wore and the Chrismas ornaments dangling from its paws were left over from the holiday season.

Next Time

The Denver group would like to meet again this summer. With any luck, we'll be able to find a time that Dragonfly can reasonably make it. Do drop by the Denver Get Together page if you would like to join us.

Written by Fragilis

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