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Posted: 29th March 2001


Welcome to this edition of The Post

How far can we go?

This is a problem which must be considered by every editor of a newspaper, whether on paper or on the internet. This particular question is foremost in my mind as I tackle the vaguaries of the new rules introduced by the BBC. Most of us have had some form of censorship imposed upon us;

  • The removal of the ability to link to our own graphics;
  • Links to other, interesting sites which may be relevant to the forum we are reading, no longer tolerated
  • The disallowance of the quirkier so-called 'offensive words' (although I, for one, was never prone to using the more extreme swear words, I did, occasionally, drop the odd gentle expletive into a forum!);
  • The bizarre and rather vague instructions about what you may and may not quote, including the use of lyrics from songs;
  • The (sometimes) inexplicable removal of an entry;
  • The List goes on.

The good folk from the 'original' Towers are probably as fed up as the rest of us! We are quite vocal in our opinions... after all, we wouldn't be keen to contribute to The Guide if we didn't have something to say! The *M* word is enough to send most people screaming to complain, yet I suspect that they are screaming at the wrong people!

So, how does an amateur editor survive in these stormy waters?
The answer is: barely!

I have to be mindful of not breaking any rules, yet try to keep all the researchers and contributors happy. Sometimes I feel as if I am under seige, with both 'sides' watching... and waiting for me to stumble!

This edition of The Post has one or two items which may be scraping near to the boundaries imposed. They may even overstep it. I won't really know until I check in the morning and see if anything has disappeared under a sea of *moderation* tags! I hope not... I really do hope not.

If all goes well and this humble edition remains intact, then we hope to bring you another edition next week... if not... who knows!
Maybe I will just go back to being a regular h2g2er and hand the reins over to someone more adept at tight-rope-walking!

If you have your own views on this subject, you may contact the The Editor.


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