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Posted: 15th January 2001


This, believe it or not, is the 54th edition of the Post! How do I know this bizarre fact?

Well, for the past few weeks I have been working on putting ALL the Post articles where they belong... on the h2g2 servers. This not only makes them part of h2g2 but also means that they are completely searchable as with all Guide Entries.

You may not have realised that, when the Post first started in December 1999, it was hosted 'off-site' on a different server. This meant that you could not find an article unless you specifically knew where to look. The Towers were fairly happy with this state of affairs to begin with... after all it was a new venture by a handful of fairly raw recruits and could have folded within weeks. But the Post Researchers persevered and, finally, were rewarded by being asked to join the h2g2 community onsite.
So, on the 15th May, the first Post issue appeared in it's own right wholly hosted by the h2g2 servers. The front page of the Post, however, was still on the 'U' number page assigned to it all those many months ago. This was fairly convenient, but did result in the loss of a few editorials as we, foolishly, forgot to save the previous week's edition. Luckily we soon saw the error of our ways and started 'backing up' the front pages as each edition went to press.

So... what is the reason for this long, convoluted explanation? The Post is proud to announce that ALL the back issues are now stowed safely away on h2g2. All the Front Pages (though sadly not all the editorials) are available! What is more you can easily check for your favourite articles by accessing the Back Issue List, which just lists each available issue, or Back Issues Pages which give a brief resume of most (but not neccessarilly all) of the contents of each issue.

If YOU wrote an article for the Post and don't see it mentioned in the run-down, and can't find it... please ask shazz who will be able to tell you exactly where it is... some editions had 20 articles which would have generated a very long list of contents indeed!

So... we are organised now... why don't YOU join us? We welcome articles from any Researchers on any subject. Don't worry if you don't feel able to code... we will do that for you if neccessary! If you have gifs or pictures you would like included, check that they aren't copyright first and send them over... we will host them for you to enhance your prose.

Maybe you have an idea for a new regular feature you would like to start? All we ask is that you try to send your effort in no later then a Sunday (GMT), especially if it requires gifs or pictures, as these take a little longer to process.

Come and write history... join the Post Team... see your name in lights... be bullied by shazzPRME... you know you want to!

We apologise for not yet revealing the winner of the recent Christmas Poetry competition, nor the winner of the Caption Competition. We seem to have temporarily misplaced Greebo T Cat... perhaps from a surfeit of doughnuts over Christmas... and the captions are a lot more tricky to judge. We should definitely have at least the caption results for you in the next edition.

Any copy, articles, suggestions should be sent to The Editor. Please use this same address if you are interested in volunteering to become a regular contributor.



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