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Some of you may know that I took the post of Minister for Wisdom, Linux & Toothbrushes when Peregrin was elected President of h2g2. Well, such bright and cheerful things can only go on for so long, so the other day, with the permission of Peregrin and Bluebottle, I became Minister for Evil.

My aims in my new position are very simple:

  • To encourage in-character, harmless Evilness...
  • ...and to discourage real-life, nasty evilness.

No, that's not a spelling mistake up above - I'm differentiating between Evilness and evilness. True evil, in real life, that results in people getting hurt, is bad. Terrible. Horrible. Unacceptable. However, there is also Evil, which is more the kind of Evil seen in characters from early black-and-white science fiction productions. Those of you familiar with Star Trek: Voyager may have seen those episodes involving the holodeck scenario Captain Proton. The Evil mastermind in that scenario is more the kind of Evilness I'm talking about - dead against the good people, but ultimately harmless and ineffectual.

With the moral bit out of the way, I can say something about the Ministry itself. I'm working on a nice page for it, which should as a side-effect spawn a playable Arena level for The Wheel of Time, although it might not. Why might it? To cut a short story shorter, I'm modelling the internal architecture of the Ministry in WoTEd, as the game already has appropriate kind of textures in it, and because I know how to use it. I might one day model some of the Ministry in POV-Ray or Blender, but don't hold your breath, because you'll suffocate before you get any results.

Some of you may also be familiar or at least acquainted with the veritable army of very cute penguins (who look suspiciously like Tux, the Linux mascot drawn so famously by Larry Ewing) from the Ministry of Linux, Wisdom & Toothbrushes which I have been introducing into more or less every thread I feel I can get away with it. These virtual penguins will be transferring to the Ministry of Evil, where they will have their own department and will be able to answer their true calling - that is doing anything they can to get hold of fresh herring.

I've probably put you all to sleep by now, so I'll finish up. Once the Ministry page is done you'll be able to see it from my user space, and there will of course be a link from the Alabaster House. I hope to see at least two of you there.


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