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Do you like creative writing? Have you come across h2g2 Fiction on h2g2? It's a central place for writers of all calibres to submit their works and discuss writing. Fictional and narrative writing is not generally a part of the official Guide but it is welcome at h2g2 Fiction.

And as things are running a little slow there at the moment, we've come up with this challenge to help get things moving.

If you want to take part, you have one month (ending 15th February) to write a short story entitled A Rude Awakening1. This is not a competition and so don't get too competitive... although in the write up in the Post afterwards I may well give special mention to the most well written one and the one using the most imaginative translation of the title!

You may write more than one story if you're feeling particularly
creative. There is no lower or upper limit to the length of the story. But please do not submit work by others, or work that you have written previously that seems to fit the title... try to write something new for this!

When you have finished (or even while you are working on it) you can put it on h2g2 for others to read and critique. Mention it in the conversation labelled 'Submissions' below (remember the entry number). Please do not use that particular conversation for chatting.

All entries must be finished by the 15th of February, and they will be officially announced in the Post on the 19th for h2g2 to view.

Have fun!


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1This is not a
pretext for especially rude stories...

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