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I did actually start writing this sitting by myself in a cafe with a couple of slices of cheesecake and a pot of

tea1. By the time I finished it in the kitchen (eating sausages

and drinking wine) I was feeling much better. So I think the moral of this tale is make sure you are not pre-menstrual at the

time of the last date. The cheesecake, by the way, was excellent.

Carbohydrates Cure the Blues

You are not as independent as you thought, girl.

You thought that you could kiss and say goodbye;

But you are sitting in a café eating cheesecake,

And you're wondering why the music makes you cry?

You thought it was a harmless little fling, girl;

A way of passing time and having fun,

Never dreaming you'd be sitting in a café

Eating cheesecake with a pot of tea for one.

All you wanted was the nights out and the talk, girl,

And the evenings when you'd quiver at his touch;

But the cheesecake and the tea will never tell you

How the hell it is you miss him quite so much.

You knew you'd let it over-run its course, girl,

The evening he was kind and let you weep.

So now you're drinking tea, and eating cheesecake,

And you're wishing you'd not tumbled in so deep.

When you started it you knew that it would end, girl.

The last kiss was predicted by the first.

You thought that it would make you feel much better;

What a bugger that you're feeling so much worse.

But you know that it is time to look around, girl,

Even though you may be heart-sore for a while.

Now you've finished all the tea and all the cheesecake,

You'll find that thinking of the man still makes you smile.

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1Well, they were small slices!

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