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  • 29.11.01

    Wowbagger entertains baby, spimcoot wears orange and Hobbes speculates about Beer Scooters.

    Frankie corners Amy Pawloski,Pinniped continues his Pier Revue and h2g2 steps up a notch.

    Lots of quizzes, competitions, a report from SMEG, bikini's, horror, poetry... what more do you want?

  • 06.12.01

    A bumper 2nd Birthday edition.

    Both Mark and Abi honour us with a visit, Abi to introduce her new Post column.

    Party poppers and nostalgia to the fore for our cartoonists and a tribute to shazz from Hullabaloo... smiley - smiley.
    Abi re-appears talking to Frankie, Ormy battles through computer problems to bring you his 'Notes'.

    AGG/GAG? A new venture to encourage writing for the 'unofficial' guide.

    Bluebottle begins his long trek around h2g2, offers us gifts from the Waterworks and pays tribute to George Harrison.

    'Redemption' ends but 'The Trickster' begins.

    Lots more fun and games, travel, observations... everything you have come to expect from The Post, infact!

  • 13.12.01

    This edition sees the introduction of the 360 team, our sister site from the BBC.

    AGG/GAG bring more picks of the best non-edited entries and Pinneped reaches the end of the Pier.

    TimeLord treats us to a Dr Who interview and a DS9 quiz, whilst Greebo continues her Masterbrain and Big One.

    Hoovooloo plays golf - the hard way and 'Countdown to Christmas' covers mince pies.

    Technical difficulties mean no Ormy and a different style for spimcoot, but Wowbagger survives and examines school reports.

    Poems, competitions, Spook, Awix, Abi and the Trickster complete the line-up.

  • 20.12.01

    The Christmas 2001 edition brings a special 42nd column from Ormondroyd.

    aka returns with a new name and Pinniped also changes tack.

    There is the first of regular updates from 360 and AGG/GAG find more 'rest of the best'.

    Wowbagger has nightmares, but spimcoot gets into the festive spirit... as does Pastey and Hullabaloo.

    Bagpuss spends his first Christmas in Canada and Awix goes north of the border.

    No Greebo, sadly, as her computer visits a repair shop, but Timelord challenges us to a Red Dwarf quiz.

  • 27.12.01

    Despite being squashed between the two busiest dates on the holiday calendar, The Post appears.

    A double dose of Wowbagger is a rare treat... and you are treated very well!

    Bluebottle recalls Christmas past on the Isle of Wight and AGB goes to a Diamond Wedding celebration.

    MaW muses, Awix compares Harry Potter with Lord of the Rings and h2g2 Storytime nears an end.

    Peta gets the Vogon treatment and Timelord sets a bumper quiz.

    Happy 2002 everyone!

  • 03.01.02

    The first edition of this palindromic year finds Ormy contemplating Euro's and bad language.

    AGG/GAG reach their fifth edition with a visit to an Italian barber and breast ascii art.

    MaW enthuses about his new video card and Awix hands out his 'Lassie' awards.

    Spimcoot examines Feng Shui and Spook has prophecy on his mind.

    The h2g2 Poem features two beautiful, heartfelt poems from the pen of agcB, whilst Hullabaloo

    relates 'A Christmas Tragedy'.

    The winner of the December emoticon competition is announced and a new challenge set.

    h2g2 Storytime comes to an end... or does it? Jokes about winter and a comedy quiz

    complete the package.

  • 10.01.02

    Ormy considers education in the USA and happiness.

    An energetic AGG/GAG this week as the team go surfing and skating.

    To balance the physical output they also feature an excellent story by Positive Feeback.

    MaW has cooking and music on his mind and Awix reviews 'Warriors' and begins

    his personal 'Adventures in Cinema.

    Spimcoot discovers personal esteem and aka continues with his strange world.

    Sadly, for Post readers, The Prof writes his last column. We hope to see his return

    with an occasional contribution soon.

    We welcome Lindsay to the team as he writes about comic books and read about the

    Euro changeover in Holland.

    The h2g2 Poem features two more poems from agcB and Hullabaloo considers ducks.

    Loonytunes reviews a concert by Bob Log III, Abi revives her Community Column and there are

    quizzes, competitions and an item on the forthcoming London Meet.

  • 17.01.02

    AGG/GAG really go to town with another story, the Robicomb and Marvin's recording career.

    360 Degrees brings us another update and Ormy considers the shaming of Harry (the prince not Potter!).

    Lokuz returns with The Trickster and Awix gets cheap and nasty.

    Spimcoot features 'Young, Stupid and Broke' whilst Pinniped goes golfing in Antarctica.

    Mark Moxon previews the new features about to be implimented and the first of

    a series about the volunteer schemes on h2g2 starts with the subeditors.

    Hullabaloo goes all palindromic, aka paranormal and the first of JJ's

    Carmalised Film reviews appears.

    Abi's Community Column, Valentines Day and Emoticon competitions and Timelord's Quiz complete the line-up.

  • 24.01.02

    Bluebottle drops in with his occasional series 'Hiking through h2g2'.

    AGG/GAG pick three more winners and spimcoot reveals himself.

    We learn how to play movie Godzilla, courtesy of mctrmt.

    Awix gets in a spin and continues his cinematic adventure, whilst JJ looks at LotR.

    Lindsay reviews Marvel Mangaverse and Hullabaloo creates another Vogon masterpiece.

    More poems, more quizzes, more competitions!

  • 31.01.02 - 100th Edition

    Originally reproducing most of the articles which appeared in The Paper Post, this edition just grew and grew.

    Wowbagger returns with some interesting statistics, whilst spimcoot goes very quiet.

    AGG/GAG find more excellent picks of the best and we read all about the ACE's.

    Vegiman reminisces and examines new technology - as does Pastey.

    Frankie interviews John Creasey, a co-founder of h2g2, and Awix mulls over the upcoming h2g2 film.

    JJ, meanwhile, is stuck in Kung Pow land and Lindsay enthuses about comic collections.

    Abi features an early report on the recent Meet but poor Hullabaloo waxes lyrical over missing it.

    Pinniped looks at Mickey Mouse and LokuZ reveals his Music Awards.

    Spook, aka, Yossarian Prefect and Uncle Heavy contribute and Timelord and the Post Team bring

    even more competitions and an experimental crossword.

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