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Posted: 10th January 2002


Welcome to another edition of The Post.

After all the excitement of the party season, this week has seen quite a lull, not to mention an outbreak of colds and flu.

Children returned to school, students to college or university and those adults who managed to swing an extra few days off work crawled, probably with a sinking feeling, back to their regular place of work.
All is not doom and gloom, however. For many a long exile from an internet connection and (by default) from h2g2 has come to an end.

We bid a fond farewell to The Prof this week as commitments outside h2g2, possibly outside this universe, force him to discontinue his excellent 'Ask Prof' column. The good news is that he will still report back every now and again on progress at the Ministry of Science & Technology.

Another absentee this week is Wowbagger who is taking a sabbatical until next month. Don't despair... we have scoured the archives to bring you an old favourite!

The Post's, and h2g2's, favourite cat, Greebo, is still missing presumed computer-less. Hurry back Greebs - we all miss you!

We have concert reviews, poems, stories, including an excellent one scouted out by the AGG/GAG team, and most of your favourites. Settle back and enjoy!




  • Another great issue from the AGG team including

    a very special short story.

  • h2g2 Life

  • A re-run of an old favourite requested

    by Titania.

  • Party!

  • Pastey gives the low-down on the

    up-coming London Meet.

  • The Post Office

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