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Posted: 29th November 2001


The Post moved on to Back Issue Page 10 this week!

Has it really been nearly two years since this humble rag came into existence? Certainly we have witnessed a lot of changes and a dramatic increase, not only with our readership and contributors but, also, in the number of registered researchers.

We moved from being hosted offsite to the safety of the bigger h2g2.com database only to experience the shock of 'Rupert', downtime and re-emergence back to a site hosted and patrolled by the BBC. We came back to find the entire Post hidden from view pending re-activation, requiring removal of any pictures and items not copyright-owned by the site.

We beavered away and, hopefully, restored the whole endeavour to its former glory and settled back down to produce the kind of Post we hope you enjoy reading.

So, I feel, the time has come to say a huge thank you to all our contributors throughout these last two years. Some of you work hard, week after week or fortnight after fortnight, to write a regular column. Some of you produce the wonderful artwork, either for the 'top of the page' or the cartoons. Others drop by just occasionally to provide little gems for our readership. Others are bullied into writing or giving permission for us to feature their work (apologies if we put pressure on any of you!).

How ever you have helped... thank you once again. We hope, eventually, to list you all in an archive of 'Post Contributors'.

Talking of regular columnists, both Ormy and MaW are missing this week due to circumstances beyond their control. They promise to return in time for the birthday smiley - cake next week!

Hot off the press:

'I just found out that the agent of the late Douglas N. Adams has pieced together a sixth volume of the HHGG series off a hard-drive from the late DNA. It will be called 'Salmon of A Doubt' and will be released on the anniversary of his death. More information can be found Here... line number 25!'

Any copy, articles, suggestions should be sent to The Editor. Please use this same address if you are interested in volunteering to become a regular contributor. If you are unsure what The Post is looking for, why not check out the Writing For The Post page.



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