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To celebrate the inauguration of the The H2G2 Doctor Who Group, TIMELORD set you all a quiz last week. The first correct answers came from Awix who kindly asked for the prize to go to a good cause. A donation was, therefore, made to Children in Need.

Now... the answers!

  1. Q: In Robots of Death there were 3 types of robot. Name them.
    A: Dums, Vocs, and Supervocs

  2. Q: What was the name of Nyssa's father?
    A: Tremas

  3. Q: What is the name of Tom Baker's auto-biography?
    A: Who on Earth is Tom Baker?

  4. Q: Which story was set in two halves 700 years apart?

    A: The Ark

  5. Q: What was the name of the stage play in which Jon Pertwee and Colin Baker returned to the role of The Doctor in 1989?
    A: Doctor Who - The Ultimate Adventure

  6. Q: Colin Baker was also in which episode of Blake's 7?
    A: City at the Edge of the World

  7. Q: In which story did Roger Delgado first play the master?
    A: Terror of the Autons (unless it's a trick question rather than a
    misspelling of Roger Delgado...)1

  8. Q: Which actress was in a story with her father?
    A: Deborah Watling is the one I expect you're thinking of...

  9. Q: From which story was the clip shown at the begining of The Five Doctors taken?
    A: The Dalek Invasion of Earth

  10. Q: What novel was the doctor reading in the 1996 TV movie?
    A: The Time Machine

If you enjoyed this quiz please let either TIMELORD or the editor know and we will arrange another one soon! Next week we hope to bring you another one of his 'Dr Who' interviews.


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1Spelling corrected now... sorry about that! ed

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