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Posted: 27th December 2001


Here we all are on the brink of another New Year.

It certainly hasn't been a particularly enjoyable year for a lot of the world. Acts of terrorism, acts of war, fire, famine, disease, death... all have conspired to make this an unhappy and uncomfortable time for many of us.

Losses have included George Harrison and our own, much loved Douglas Adams, not to mention all those who were affected by the worst single case of terrorism in the history of the world and the ensuing retaliatory actions which have caused yet more death and destruction. We could all be forgiven for approaching the year 2002 with apprehension.

Yet it is the nature of most humans to retain, throughout all adversity, an element of hope that things can or will improve. Without this feeling many would give up and retreat into despair and despondancy. So, instead of looking back and grieving for what has been, let us look forward to what may be. If you have religion, pray for a better time to come with peace and love. If you don't, concentrate on the good side of life and people rather than picking on the obverse. With 'good will' things can change for the better. One of the most precious gifts we have is humour, which is probably what drew us all here in the first place. If we all keep 'good humour' even the worst catastrophe can be overcome.



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