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TIMELORD has come up with a wonderful quiz to entertain you over the New Year holiday. This appears to be stumping quite a few of you so we are extending it for a further week. Please send your entries (no matter how complete/incomplete) to [email protected] before 09.01.02.

Part 1

The following is a list of the funniest people in comedy. They all changed their names, however, before we got to know them. Under what name did they become famous?

  1. Bob Davis
  2. James Marsh
  3. Robert Nankeville
  4. Alfred Hawthorne Hill
  5. John Eric Bartholomew
  6. Nathan Birnbaum
  7. Benjamin Kubelsky
  8. David Tynan O'Mahony
  9. Lynne Shepherd
  10. Charles Springall

Part 2

The following list is of shows which were made in both the UK and USA but under different titles. The left-side is the name of the show in the UK, the right-side is the name of the show in the US. Fill in the blanks.

  1. ... .... ... .... .. ........ ....../ Reggie
  2. Man About the House/ .....'. .......
  3. ........ ....../ The Golden Girls
  4. Till Death Do Us Part/ ... .. ... ......
  5. ...'. ......./ The Two of Us
  6. Steptoe and Son/ ....... ... ...
  7. ... ..... ..../ Who's the Boss
  8. Birds of a Feather/ ..... .. .... ...
  9. ... ... ..... ....../ Beane's of Boston
  10. Rising Damp/ .. ... ......

Part 3

The following is a list of catchphrases. Some are from shows and some are from comedians - identify their origin please.

  1. Naff off
  2. Smoke me a kipper, I will be back for breakfast
  3. Magic are Maurice
  4. Trust me I know what I'm doing
  5. I'm listening
  6. They don't like it up em
  7. I'm free
  8. And its good night from him
  9. Ooh you are awful, but I like you
  10. Silly old moo
  11. Power to the people
  12. I'm too old for this shit
  13. My papie always told me
  14. Mum said on her death bed
  15. I didn't get were you are today by...

Part 4

  1. In which film is the main character called Mortimer Brewster?
  2. Who played Flash Harry in the St Trinians films?
  3. What film is Flubber a remake of?
  4. Under what name did Arthur Lucan make a series of films?
  5. What was the first Carry On film?
  6. Who is/was the oldest actor to win an Oscar?
  7. What kind of creature was Gizmo?
  8. In which film did Alec Guinness play 8 characters all of whom died?
  9. Dirty Rotten Scoundrels was a remake of which 1964 film?
  10. Who said at the oscars 'Medals are like haemorrhoids sooner or later every a******e gets one.'


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