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Here are the answers to the Red Dwarf Quiz quiz set by TIMELORD last week. Two sets of answers were sent by Croz (10/10) and Konrad (9/10)... well done to both of you! SJ would like me to point out that, having checked out the official Paramount Site, both his and Timelord's answer to the question about the Rules of Acquisition posed in the Deep Space 9 Quiz from last week were, infact, correct. The wording appears as both 'Luck' before 'Wisdom' and 'Wisdom' before 'Luck'... so 10/10 after all and a big Well Done to SJ.

Now... the answers!

  1. Q: What are the names of Lister's 3 sons?
    A: Jim (as in Jim Bexley Speed), Bexley (as in Jim Bexley
    Speed), and Dave Lister (as in he is his own father and
    therefore a time paradox, Ouroboros-series 7).

  2. Q: What is the name of Kochanski's teddy bear?
    A: BooBoo.

  3. Q: Lister has had many illnesses, but can you name 5 viruses he has contracted?
    A: Epedeme, luck, space mumps, sexual magnetism, mutated pnuemonia... plus nano potato virus.

  4. Q: On what ship did they first meet Kryton?

    A: Nova 5.

  5. Q: Lister is based on which character from the radio series 'Son of Cliche'?
    A: 'Dave Hollins: Space Cadet'.

  6. Q: What game did Holly play against Queeg?
    A: A game of chess.

  7. Q: What was the name of the cat that Lister was caught with in 'The End'?

  8. Q: Why has Rimmer never been mistaken for Yul Brynner?
    A: He's not bald and his head doesn't glimmer.

  9. Q: What is different about 'A Cat Book'?
    A: Instead of marks and characters, smells are used.

  10. Q: Which actress went from playing The Cat onto a role in Deep space 9?
    A: Terry Farrel.

If you enjoyed this quiz please let either TIMELORD or the editor know and we will arrange another one soon!


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