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The Cat, as in the principal character, was played by Danny John-Jules. Which Cat did Terry Farrell play? I assume she played one of the prehistoric Cats we have seen from time to time in historical bits.

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Terry Farrell was to play Cat smiley - cat in the American version of Red Dwarf, which (alas or fortunately, depending on your viewpoint) never made it past the pilot. This, I believe, took place just before DS9 started.

My view: if they chose the rest of the cast as well as that, it would have been worth a watch at least. smiley - biggrin

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'She took up the role as Cat in the flopped US version.' smiley - smiley

A direct quote from the answers by Croz smiley - ok

shazz smiley - magicsmiley - holly

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Well you didn't make the question very clear then...

Oh well, doesn't matter too much, I wouldn't have got most of them right anyway!

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There were two attempts at making a US version of red dwarf Both never made it passed the pilot.Other cast members included Robert Llewellyn playing Kryton and Jane Leeves(Daphne in frazer)as Holly.

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Zak T Duck

Finally, I win something smiley - winkeye

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