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Welcome one and all to aka's Haun...
smiley - erm World of the Paranormal! smiley - smiley The new improved Post article will be a little different, but still a little the same... In fact, a lot the same,

with little changed, But better, whilst still as much the same as it has ever been...
smiley - erm
Anyway, as outlined in the Last Issue of World of the Paranormal, the articles will be

focussing on things to do with the unknown smiley - ghostsmiley - alienfrownsmiley - ufo ..

This week, we start with a story on Premonitions! I try not to go into the 'oh, its just another ghost story thing again' phase,

and want every reader to be aware that that this isn't what it is anymore; It's a venture into the unknown smiley - smiley

Premonitions [part one]

As most people probably know, a premonition is a supernatural warning; these warnings can take the form of dreams, envisions, 'flashback' style shocks of images in the mind or just plain 'gut feelings'. Psychically enabled people will just have a knack for knowing when and where and sometimes how something good, or bad, will happen at a future date.

I've had quite a few responses by e-mail about 'Premonitions' and some people have actually requested to add their experiences in here, and for me to cover premonitions, but that was back in the days of Haunted World (which really didn't focus on premonitions that much) I held it back for a special issue which I never got around to doing! I'd like to take this time, too, to announce that the issue focussed on dreams and dreams analysis will be coming up in future weeks, after it, hopefully, enters the Official Guide.

In 1912, a Woman had three nightmares in a row (hence the addition of the comment about dreams above) one night about an enormous ship sinking beneath the waves. She later saw a Photograph in a newspaper; it was the Titanic, which was about to make its maiden voyage from Southampton to New York at that time in history. To make matters worse, her cousin wrote to her saying that he had just booked a passage on a ship named the Titanic. With her phobia of ships and sailing anyway, she wrote back to him urging him not to go, and to cancel his booking. Ignoring the woman's plea, he proceeded to go on the trip. Incidentally, it is said that Adolf Hitler's Half-brother, Alois, had begged Adolf to immigrate to America, and had pleaded with him to board the Titanic at Cherbourg, but Hitler had a phobia of ships, and decided not to go.

Another example of a premonition is this:

In the 1970's, Firefighters fought a blaze that had broken out in a House in the coutryside. A Grandfather and his three grandchildren perished in the fire, and when investigators sifted through the charred debris to determine the cause of the fire, they found a small drawing book, and the last page which was marked on, contained a picture of a large coffin and three smaller coffins, with a candle next to them quite close together.

Were they just meaningless drawings or evidence of a strange premonition moments before the inferno took place?

This being only the first official issue of The World of the Paranormal, I have nothing but some stories on the subject to add
in this article. Please see that last issue of World of the Paranormal to see what I want to make of this improved article in
The Post, and I hope to bring a more interesting Article next week!

Past issues are now available Here.

Any stories you may have, Clubs, Societies, interesting links, information or othwerwise anything you feel fitting to World
of the Paranormal to be submitted to the box below please. Thanks.

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