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After 2 Months of aka (",) being too busy to even Read the h2g2 post, let alone submit to it, aka's Haunted World has returned to the post!
It will now cover everything to Articles on h2g2 which relate to the discussion of smiley - ghostsmiley - ufo Ghosts and U.F.O.s, to stories in the post about sightings of any kind, tele-kenesis,1, hence the name change from aka's Haunted World, which used to just be a short story or two every week in the post based around haunt sighting activity.

I Hope you will enjoy reading World of The Paranormal as much as I am sure I'm going to enjoy writing it, and as ever, comments or additions, greatly appreciated! smiley - smiley

You can now go on to viewing the aka's World of The Paranormal - Archives page, which lists each and every Haunted World and World of The Paranormal article which has ever existed (smiley - biggrin) by clicking Here.

Read World of the Paranormal in the h2g2 Post

1That thing that Uri Geller Does with the spoon

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